MayGion MIPS IPCam

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The MayGion MIPS IPCam is a generic ethernet connected webcam.


  • 360MHz MIPS processor (Ralink RT5350 SoC)
  • 4MB flash (MX25L3205D 32Mb SPI)
  • 27MB RAM
  • SoC provides one USB port, connected to an onboard USB hub (058f:6254), with these attached devices:
    • 0c45:6360 Webcam
    • 058f:6366 Multi-flash reader (with only SD card connector)
  • SoC provides 5-port ethernet switch:
    • One port is used for external LAN port
    • One port may be connected to the 802.11b/g/n wi-fi interface


  • The stock firmware provides an unrestricted telnet interface to BusyBox
  • Files can be uploaded/downloaded from the Linux system via FTP (username "MayGion" password "")
  • Uploading mipsel executables via FTP can be launched via telnet without problem
  • At the time of writing (2013-03-16) one version can be purchased through DealExtreme SKU 169625