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1. Does Memtest work on the Minnowboard?

Ans:- No, not currently. The Memtest software is made for the traditional PC-BIOS environment whereas the Minnowboard has the new UEFI firmware. So, until a new version of Memtest is released for the UEFI, it won't work.

2. Does the MinnowBoard support SATA port multiplier functions?

Ans:- Yes, the SATA controller on the Minnowboard does have the hardware support for a SATA port multiplier but there is no software support for it at this time.

3. Will legacy BIOS support be available on the Minnowboard?

Ans:- No, it will not be available. However, it is possible for a third party to purchase a CSM (Compatibility Support Module) from one of the BIOS vendors (e.g, AMI, Phoenix) and add that as a UEFI module.

4. Can I access the user switches on the MinnowBoard via the sysfs interface in Linux?

Ans:- Yes.

Out of the box, the minnowboard_keys driver maps the GPIO buttons to keystrokes via the gpio-keys-polled driver. To access them via sysfs, you must unload the driver and export the GPIO lines:

# modprobe -r minnowboard_keys
# cd /sys/class/gpio
# echo 0 > export
# echo 1 > export
# echo 2 > export
# echo 3 > export
# cat gpio0/value

5. The silkscreen for the RTC battery polarity is incorrect on the MinnowBoard. Will I damage the board if I insert the battery backwards?

Ans:- This is known issue for Rev A and Rev A1 boards. No damage will occur if you insert the RTC battery backwards.

6. Where are the man pages?

The manual pages consume roughly 300MB and were not installed in the default Angstrom image. If you want the manual pages, you can get them via the opkg command:

# opkg update
# opkg install man
# opkg list | grep "\-doc"
# opkg install <package>-doc