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(Revision A: VBUS detection doesn't work)
(Revision A: VBUS detection doesn't work)
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Latest revision as of 05:15, 8 December 2021


Revision A0

Hardware test platform (limited availability)

Revision A1

General Availability (Expected June 2014)

Known Software Issues

  • None

Known Hardware Issues

  • None


Revision A

Known Software Issues

  • GPIO buttons are slow to respond
  • VBUS detection doesn't work in upstream kernel
    • Update kernel to one which contains 7a81638485c1 ("gpio: sch: Add edge event support") and 049d3db625a6 ("usb: gadget: pch_udc: Provide a GPIO line used on Intel Minnowboard (v1)"). More details are described in this blog post.

Known Hardware Issues

1. Left/Right Audio channels swapped on line-out jack

  • Workaround: edit /etc/asound.conf to swap the channels:
# Swap L/R channels for MinnowBoard Rev A boards
pcm.!default {
    type route
    slave.pcm "cards.pcm.default"
    ttable.0.1 1
    ttable.1.0 1

2. The silkscreen for the RTC battery polarity is incorrect on the MinnowBoard.

  • Workaround: No damage will occur if you insert the RTC battery backwards.

3. VBUS detection doesn't work.

  • It appears the issue on the PCB level even after patching necessary drivers. One needs to remove the bootstrap resistor R229. The BIOS seems to work without it. More details are described in this blog post.