Minnowboard:Lures Specifications

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Lure Types

Type A

  • 106mm x 106mm
  • Connector A99244-ND (digikey)
  • Mated height 17mm
  • Hex Standoff 24436K-ND (digikey)
  • Placement over top of board
  • Four mounting holes at edges of minnow

Type B

  • 60mm x 106mm
  • Connector A99231TR-ND (digikey)
  • Mated height 10mm
  • Hex Standoff 24433K-ND (digikey)
  • Placement over top of board
  • Two screw mounting holes in center of minnow


  • 60mm x 60mm
  • Connector A99192TR-ND (digikey)
  • Mated height 6mm
  • No mounting standoffs (needs review)
  • Extends from side of minnow board
  • No mount holes (needs review)