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Minnowboard Max Lure Information

Planned Lures

Calamari Lure

Break out board intended mainly for testing gpio and low speed interfaces, as

  • Features:
    • SPI Based ADC
    • 10K Slider POT
    • RGB LED
    • 2 PWM LEDS
    • 2 TTL UART Headers
    • 7-Segment Display with 595 shift register
    • I2C EEPROM
    • 3 Buttons
  • Produced by: CircuitCo
  • Additional Information: none available right now

Ika Lure

The Ika lure takes the existing low speed I/O and expands it (through I2C chips) to allow for an Arduino compatible shield to be used with the MinnowBoard MAX.
  • Features:
    • Electrically Arduino Compatible
    • 3.3v & 5.5v tolerant (flipped via jumpers)
MinnowMax - Lure - Ika.png

Seacat Lure

  • mPCIe Slot
  • mSATA Slot

Jetsam Lure


Flotsam Lure


Prototype Lure

  • Generic Prototype Area on 0.1" grids


Cuttle(bone) Lure

Adapter from Low Speed Connector I/O (I2C,I2S,UARTs,SPI,GPIO) to BeagleBone * Capes. Works with a variety of Capes but not all.

Cuttle lure.png

Nic Lure

  • Single Gigabit Ethernet

Can Bus Lure

  • standard CAN Bus
  • Option for STN1110

RS-485 Lure

  • standard RS-485

RS-232 Lure

  • 2 DB-9 connectors

Relay Cape

  • 4 Relays
  • GPIO Controls

USB Hub Lure

  • 4 USB Host Ports

PWM Lure

  • 32 PWM Outputs

ADC Lure

  • 8 ADC inputs

Moto Lure

  • Dual H-Bridge

Audio Lure

  • Analog Audio Ouput
  • Analog Audio Input

MiniDisplay Lure

  • SPI Based TFT Display
  • 2.8"
  • 4-Wire Resistive Touch