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= Boards =
= Boards =
[[File:MinnowBoard_MAX-Top-Angled.jpg|550px|MinnowBoard MAX|link=Minnowboard:Minnow_Original]]
[[File:MinnowBoard_MAX-Top-Angled.jpg|550px|MinnowBoard MAX]]

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http://www.minnowboard.org is a community dedicated to the support of Open Hardware utilizing Intel® processors. This web site will serve as a starting point for the MinnowBoard community.

The MinnowBoard is an Intel® Atom™ processor based board which introduces Intel® Architecture to the small and low cost embedded market for the developer and maker community. It has exceptional performance, flexibility, openness and standards


MinnowBoard MAX MinnowRevA-Angled2.jpg


Feel free to join the Minnowboard community on IRC.

  • Freenode network, Channel: #minnowboard