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Category Feature
Core Logic
  • 64-bit Intel® Atom™ E38xx Series SoC
    • $99 MSRP: E3815 (single-core, 1.46 GHz)
    • $139 MSRP: E3825 (dual-core, 1.33 GHz)
Integrated Intel® HD Graphics With Open Source hardware-accelerated drivers for Linux OS
  • DDR3 RAM
    System Memory
    • $99 MSRP: 1 GB
    • $139 MSRP: 2 GB
8 MB SPI Flash
System Firmware Memory
Video Intel® HD Graphics

HDMI (micro HDMI connector)

Audio Digital

via HDMI


To be available separately via MinnowBoard MAX Lure (sold separately)

I/O 1 – Micro SDSDIO
1 – SATA2 3Gb/sec
1 – USB 3.0 (host)
1 – USB 2.0 (host)
1 – Serial debug

via FTDI cable (sold separately)

10/100/1000 Ethernet

RJ-45 connector

8 – Buffered GPIO pins 2 pins support PWM
I2C & SPI bus
System Firmware Flash

Programming Header
Compatible with Dedi-Prog programmer

Board Dimensions 99 x 74mm (2.9 x 3.9in)
Temperature Range 0 – 70 deg C

Contact CirtcuitCo for industrial temp range needs

Power 5V DC

Sold separately in configurations appropriate to your region

Operating Systems
  • Supported:
    • Debian GNU/Linux
    • Yocto Project Compatible
    • Android 4.4 System
  • Unsupported
    (but known to work):
    • Fedora
    • CentOS
    • Linux Mint
System Boot Firmware UEFI Firmware
Coreboot (in development)
Note: These features may be subject to change without notice. Hardware design files will be made available shortly after the board enters final production. Current estimate of public availability is June 2014.

MinnowBoard MAX


Hardware Notes

Power Plug

The Minnowboard Max uses a 5V power plug, and if bundled will ship with a 2.5A power supply. It is a Center Positive power supply, indicating that the center (tip) of the output plug is positive (+), the outer barrel is negative (-).
Center Positive 5V connector

Serial Console

The serial console port uses a 3.3v FTDI serial cable with a 6-pin connector. This is a reasonably common cable, also used on the Arduino Pro, Arduino Pro Mini and Arduino Lilypad.
  • Pin 1: Ground (GND) (Furthest from SATA connector)
  • Pin 2: CTS
  • Pin 3: VCC (3.3V)
  • Pin 4: TXD
  • Pin 5: RXD
  • Pin 6: RTS
MinnowMax Serial Pinout

Places that carry the appropriate Cable:


The MinnowMax uses a Type D micro-HDMI connector. This is a standard port, for which cables and adapters can be readily picked up from most electronics stores