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Buying Guide

Where can I get one and for how much?

  • Base price is $25 for the model A and $35 for the model B Raspberry Pi. This price excludes local taxes and shipping.
  • You can find out which peripherals and such are tested to work with the Pi in the Verified Peripherals section

Basic Setup

First little Raspberry Pi Steps...

  • Ensure you have all the equipment you need to go with your Raspberry Pi.
  • Become familiar with the board layout and connect it ready for power up.
  • If you have not been provided with a pre-setup SD card you will need to prepare one with your chosen Operating System distribution
  • If you are not using a HDMI monitor you may need to set up the correct video mode by editing the RPiconfig text file on the SD-card.
  • Note: On the Debian OS after you log in you need to type startx at the prompt to get a graphic desktop.
  • Particularly after first boot its important to do a clean shutdown with the command sudo halt


Getting Started

Excited to explore the MinnowBoard? Beginner friendly instructions/documentation available from here

MinnowBoard Projects

Have you developed a project with MinnowBoard you'd like to share? Please do so here:

Community Projects

OS Support

We'd love to have documents written on the following topics:

Contribute to Documentation

Please read the article "How to contribute to MinnowBoard Documentation to quickly help you get started.

Accessory Boards

Accessory boards for the MinnowBoard are called Lure Boards. There are several types and sizes of these boards available. The specifcations and reference board information is available on the Lures Specifications wiki page.

Design Files

Below you can download the MinnowBoard design files: