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SPI Serial Flash

the MinnowBoard uses a SPI based serial flash memory to load the initial code into the Intel Atom E640 series processor. The MinnowBoard uses a WinBond W25Q32 (datasheet) which has a total of 4096KB of storage which can be flashed with a UEFI image or other custom firmware.

Programming Interface

the MinnowBoard has a 2x4 header that has 0.1" spacing for programming the SPI based serial flash memory.


Applications and Hardware

Flashrom is an open source utility that allows you to work with the SPI based serial flash memory on the MinnowBoard. Flashrom supports a wide range of flash devices ([1]) including the WinBond W25Q32. Flashrom can automatically detect the presence of the WinBond W25Q32 and provide full read/erase/write functionality. Flashrom can use the many open as well as proprietary hardware tools such as the Flyswatter2 from [tincantools.com], the Bus Pirate from [dangerousprototypes.com], and the SF100 from [dediprog.com].