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the MinnowBoard uses a SPI based serial flash memory to load the initial code into the Intel Atom E640 series processor. The MinnowBoard uses a WinBond W25Q32 (datasheet) which has a total of 4096KB of storage which can be flashed with a UEFI image or other custom firmware.

Programming Interface

the MinnowBoard has a 2x4 header that has 0.1" spacing for programming the SPI based serial flash memory.

Programming Header
Pin number Main Function Note
1 +3.3V Power Supports on +3.3V
2 GND system ground
3 nCS Chip Select Active Low
4 SCK SPI Clock
5 MISO Data Output from serial flash
6 MOSI Data Input to serial flash
7 NC No Connection
8 nPRG_EN Program Enable Active Low

Applications and Hardware