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Linux Application in Safety-Critical Environment: A Real-Life Example [ELCE 2010]

Presenter: Andrey Fedotov
Summary: This presentation discusses about a real time railway application
example as a Linux application in safety -critical environment.

Health Care

Framework for Preventive Healthcare [ELCE 2016]

Presenter: Sanjay Dorairaj & Khem Raj, Comcast
Summary: This presentation provides information about the usage of Linux in these devices and
highlights challenges related to the adoption of Linux as the platform
of choice for these devices.

Linux enabled Light bulbs

Linux in a Lightbulb: How Far Are We on Tinification [ELCE 2015]

Presenter: Pieter Smith, Philips
Summary: This presentation provides information about challenges in thermal design,
affects perception of safety/security, and Linux kernel tinification.

Visible Light Communication Networks Based on Linux-Enabled Light Bulbs [ELCE 2015]

Presenter: Stefan Schmid, Disney Research
Summary: This presentation provides information about Linux light bulbs
and visible light communication.


Getting the First Open Source GSM Stack in Linux [ELC 2012]

Presenter: Marcin Mielczarczyk, Tieto
Summary: This presentation provides information about Open Source GSM stack,
Mediatek platform, and JTAG finder hardware.


Deep Learning Neural Network Acceleration at the Edge[ELCE 2019]

Presenter: Andrea Gallo, Linaro
Summary: This presentation provides information about multiple options for neural network
acceleration in recent Arm-based platforms. provides an unprecedented information
for new intelligent devices with ML inference.

BYOD (Build Your Own Device)[ELCE 2016]

Presenter: Angelo Dureghello, Sysam, Nomovok
Summary: This short talk will explain how easier is to make your
own Linux board, tailored to your wishes while keeping the cost low.

The Ara System Architecture [ELCE 2015]

Presenter: Alex Elder, Linaro
Summary: This presentation talks about the Ara project,
its design and modules and about system architecture.

Developer's Diary: Supporting Maintainers[ELC 2010]

Presenter: Wolfram Sang
Summary: this presentation provides information about the usual
procedure of the subsystem and compiles testing.