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WIPI is the Wireless Internet Platform for Interoperability, a specification for a handset application environment developed and adopted by the mobile carriers in Korea.

Overview Presentation

[[[Media:MppwgWipiOverview050713.pdf]] WIPI Overview]

Published Papers

[[[Media:MppwgWipiEsPaper050713.pdf]] Paper from Embedded Software]

[[[Media:MppwgWipiIcactPaper050713.pdf]] Paper from ICACT]


[[[Media:MppwgWipiCh1Structure050713.pdf]] Chapter 1. Structure]

[[[Media:MppwgWipiCh2Hal050713.pdf]] Chapter 2. HAL API]

[[[Media:MppwgWipiCh3Capi050713.pdf]] Chapter 3. C API]

[[[Media:MppwgWipiCh4Japi050713.pdf]] Chapter 4. Java API]

[[[Media:MppwgWipiCh5OptionalParts050713.pdf]] Chapter 5. Optional Parts]

[[[Media:MppwgWipiSpecSupplement050713.pdf]] Supplement]