Networking Presentations

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Bluetooth 5 is Here

Presenter: Marcel Holtmann, Open Source Technology Center, Intel

Summary: This presentation provides information about Bluetooth 5
and its impacts on the ecosystem and shows new and exciting
use cases for low energy devices and IoT with the focus on
Linux and Zephyr OS.


NimBLE - A High-Performance and Highly Configurable Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 Stack

Presenter: James Pace, Runtime

Summary: This presentation provides information about NimBLE
the world’s first fully open-source BLE 4.2 stacks for both
host and controller subsystems for MCU environments.


Creating Bluetooth-based IoT Solutions with Zephyr

Presenter: Johan Hedberg, Open Source Technology Center, Intel

Summary: The session talks about the writing of Bluetooth application
for Zephyr including the ability to utilize a Linux
host with Bluetooth support combined with qemu for rapid prototyping.


Bluetooth on Modern Linux

Presenter: Szymon Janc

Summary: The talk talks about fast changing and evolving technology
like Bluetooth and guides on BlueZ 5 Bluetooth stack
architecture demystifying the transition from BlueZ 4 systems.


Bluetooth 4.2 - New Features for Linux and IoT

Presenter: Marcel Holtmann, Intel

Summary: This presentation provides information about Linux and low
energy support, secure connection and faster low energy data transfers.

PDF ELC 2015

Implementing Controls with Bluetooth SMART in Android

Presenter: Michael E. Anderson, The PTR Group

Summary: This presentation provides information about Bluetooth variants,
Bluetooth support in android, dealing with broadcast devices
and connecting to a Bluetooth smart device.

PDF ELC 2015

Bringing the BlueZ Back to Android

Presenter: Marcel Holtmann, Intel's Open Source Technology Center

Summary: This provides information about the current android Bluetooth world,
easy Bluetooth hardware integration, and bludroid architecture.

PDF ELC 2014


Understanding Wi-Fi Variants

Presenter: Michael Anderson, The PTR Group, LLC
Summary: This presentation highlights the different Wi-Fi variations frequencies,
their speeds, distances and what types of hardware are needed for each type.
It will also provide you with a road map to determine which Wi-Fi is best suited
for your applications.

Reliable Linux Wireless - Techniques for Debugging Wireless Module Integrations

Presenter: Steve deRosler, Cal-Sierra Consulting, LLC
Summary: This presentation will cover all WiFi layers from firmware blobs,
the Kernel's Wireless device drivers, through user-space, and then out
into the air.

prplMesh: An Open-source Implementation of the Wi-Fi Alliance® Multi-AP Specification

Presenter: Arnout Vandecappelle, Essensium
Summary: This talk explains the architecture of prplMesh, how it fits into the
existing network stack (bridge configuration, hostapd/wpa_supplicant, cfg80211),
and how it can be integrated with openWRT and RDK-B.

The New Wi-Fi Experience for Linux

Presenter: Marcel Holtmann, Intel
Summary: This presentation focuses on the recent development on how iwd has been
integrated into existing platforms using NetworkManager and ConnMan
It has kept up with recent 802.11 standard development and Wi-Fi Alliance

WiFi and Secure Socket Offload in Zephyr

Presenter: Gil Pitney, Texas Instruments
Summary: This talk will review the Zephyr WiFi offload architecture,
and discuss an implementation of a WiFi offload driver for the
TI CC3220SF SoC, where all the secure communication, secret
storage and encryption is handled by the offload chip.

Developing a New WiFi Daemon for Linux

Presenter: Marcel Holtmann, Open Source Technology Center, Intel
Summary: This presentation is about a new 802.11 wireless daemon for Linux.
It is a lightweight daemon handling all aspects around WiFi support for Linux.