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(Added the slides I used at the CELF BOF)
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| Michael Opdenacker
| Michael Opdenacker
| Size and Bootup Time techniques and demo
| {{pdf|Ols2007-qemu-arm-demo.pdf|Size and Bootup Time techniques and demo}}, [[Media:Ols2007-qemu-arm-demo.odp]] (OpenOffice.org format)
| Tim Bird
| Tim Bird

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This BOF was held on Friday, June 29, at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, Canada (at the Ottawa Linux Symposium).


Person Topic
Matt Mackall Discussion and demo of pagemap (accurate memory measurement) patches and tools
Michael Opdenacker https://elinux.org/images//8/83/Pdf.gif Size and Bootup Time techniques and demo https://elinux.org/images/d/da/Info_circle.png, Media:Ols2007-qemu-arm-demo.odp (OpenOffice.org format)
Tim Bird https://elinux.org/images//8/83/Pdf.gif Realtime Testing for Embedded Platforms https://elinux.org/images/d/da/Info_circle.png- Discussion on recent RT-preempt testing, with techniques and issues.
Manas Saksena Fedora on ARM project. To get involved, subscribe to the fedora-arm mailing list.
Satoru Ueda Lightning talk on Japan Jamborees, and CELF white paper to management
Buffalo Lightning talk on KuroBox/Pro
Algo Lightning talk on Algo Smart Display
Rob Landley Lightning talk on native compiling vs. cross compiling
Klaas van Gend Lightning talk on Embedded Linux Conference, Europe
Steve Rostedt Lightning talk on realtime testing
??? Lightning talk on Mamona build system


[Anyone care to do a writeup?]

Major prizes - ARM-based development boards - were won by Adam Belay and Ruud Derwig.