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= '''BeagleBone Board''' =
== System-in-Package Technology: Making It Easier to Build Your Own Linux Computer [ELC 2018] ==
'''Presenter:''' Erik Welsh, Octavo Systems & Jason Kridner, Beagleboard.org <br>
This presentation provides information about SiP integrates <br>
heterogeneous processors, memory, and boot complexity. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/c/c6/Welsh-Kridner-2018-ELC-Presentation.pdf PDF] | [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri9BXcd4kRE VIDEO]
== Google Summer of Code and Beagleboard.org [ELC 2017] ==
'''Presenter:''' Drew Fustini, Beagleboard.org Foundation <br>
This presentation provides information about education around the design <br>
and use of Open Source Software and Open Source Hardware. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/f/fd/Beagle-gsoc-elc17.pdf PDF] | [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-NSX_PtjIA VIDEO]
== Beagle BoF [ELC 2017] ==
'''Presenter:''' Drew Fustini, Beagleboard.org Foundation <br>
This presentation provides information about BeagleBone OSHW ecosystem,  <br>
Debian images, and U-Boot Overlays. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/9/99/Beagle-bof-elc17.pdf PDF] | [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWCNKquoVow VIDEO]
== Beaglebone: The Perfect Telemetry Platform? [ELC 2013] ==
'''Presenter:''' Matt Ranostay <br>
This presentation provides information about Beaglebone <br>
telemetry project, Sensor selection . <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/3/38/Beaglebone_Telemetry-_ELC_2013.pdf PDF]
== BeagleBone Hands-on Tutorial Session 2 Sponsored by BeagleBoard.org and BeagleBoardToys.com [ELC 2013] ==
'''Presenter:''' Jayneil Dalal, Texas Instruments <br>
This presentation provides information about Beaglebone Overview, <br>
GPIO Programming on the Beaglebone and Physical computing on the Beaglebone. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/b/b7/Beaglebone_-_Hands_on_Tutorial.pdf PDF]
== Beaglebone: The Perfect Telemetry Platform?[ELCE 2012] ==
'''Presenter: '''Matt Ranostay <br>
This presentation talks about Beaglebone, Beaglebone Telemetry project<br>
and it's practical applications.
* [https://elinux.org/images/7/73/Beaglebone_Telemetry-_E-ELC_2012.pdf PDF]
== What's Old Is New: A 6502-based Remote Processor [ELC 2012] ==
'''Presenter:''' Matt Porter, Texas Instruments <br>
This presentation provides information about remote proc, <br>
hardware design, and kernel design. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/a/ac/What%27s_Old_Is_New-_A_6502-based_Remote_Processor.pdf PDF]
== High-Level Web Interface to Low-Level Linux I/O on the Beagleboard [ELC 2011] ==
'''Presenter:''' Jason Kridner (Texas Instruments) <br>
This presentation provides information about development boards <br>
based on the beagle board, and zero-install visualization tools. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/b/ba/Elc2011_kridner.pdf PDF]
== OpenJDK for Embedded Linux Devices[ELCE 2010] ==
'''Presenter: ''' Robert Schuster (with kind support by Xerxes Ranby for demonstration)<br>
This presentation talks about use of IcedTea patch for <br>
cross compiling OpenJDK for embedded Linux devices(here beagleboard). <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/4/40/Cross-compiling_OpenJDK.pdf PDF]
='''Minnow Board'''=
== BoF: MinnowBoard [ELC 2016]==
'''Presenter:''' John Hawley, Intel <br>
This is a BoF session on Minnow Board. <br>
* [https://youtu.be/g2SRi6eoEbE VIDEO]
= '''Open Source - Principles, Communities, Techniques''' =
== Keynote: Open Source: The New Normal [ELC 2018]==
'''Presenter:''' Imad Sousou, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Open Source Technology Center, Intel <br>
This is a key-note explaining how Open Source continues to be the driving <br>
force behind the next great wave of the technology revolution. The speaker <br>
will highlight how Intel is/has contributed to the open source in this <br>
increasingly smart, connected world. <br>
* [https://youtu.be/EAOouP2YK0g VIDEO]
== Leveraging the Open Source Development Model Inside Your Company [ELCE 2016] ==
'''Presenter: '''Mark Gisi, Wind River Systems<br>
This presentation discusses why the Open Development model<br>
works internally, pitfalls to avoid, how it fosters innovation<br>
and the benefits it offers to both engineers and the company collectively. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/index.php?title=Special:Upload&wpDestFile=Leveraging_the_Open_Source_Development_Model_Inside_Your_Company.pdf PDF] | [https://youtu.be/xfMTE74y2Ig?list=PLbzoR-pLrL6pRFP6SOywVJWdEHlmQE51q VIDEO]
== The Paradox of OpenSource and Embedded [ELC 2015]==
'''Presenter:''' Tim Bird, Sony Mobile <br>
This presentation talks about different set of requirements invading the <br>
Embedded and Linux world and covers how community participation with open <br>
sourcing can strive towards building a solution for the current requirements. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/d/de/The-paradox-of-open-source-and-embedded-elc-2014.pdf PDF]
== Can You Market an Open Source Project? [ELCE 2012] ==
'''Presenter: '''Tracey M. Erway, Intel & Nithya A. Ruff, Synopsys <br>
This presentation talks about what does a project cycle generally <br>
look like, objective of marketing in Open Source, Corporate Open Source Marketing<br>
and marketing Open Source Projects.
* [https://elinux.org/images/8/8d/Can_You_Market_an_Open_Source_Project.pdf PDF]
== Collaborative Initiatives in Embedded Linux [ELCE 2011] ==
'''Presenter: '''Jeff Osier-Mixon (Intel) <br>
This presentation talks about Collaboration, types<br>
of collaborative initiatives and its examples.
* [https://elinux.org/images/b/b1/ELCE2011-Collaborative-Initiatives.pdf PDF]
== Facilitating Open Source Development and Collaboration [ELCE 2010] ==
'''Presenter:''' Philippe Robin <br>
This presentation provides information about Linaro <br>
Development Cycle and User benefits from the common kernel.<br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/0/00/ELCE-2010-Linaro.pdf PDF]
== Cooperative Development Inside Communities [ELC 2009]==
'''Presenter:''' Jeffrey Osier-Mixon <br>
This presentation talks about the benefits and advantages of <br>
community development to meet the challenging needs. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/6/6f/ArduinoLinux_Anderson.pdf PDF] | [http://free-electrons.com/blog/elc2014-videos/ VIDEO]
= '''Others''' =
== Forward Porting Google Nexus 5X/6P - Lessons from the Trenches and What's Next [ELC 2018]==
'''Presenter:''' Jeremy McNicoll, Red Hat <br>
This talk will provide a lighthearted overview on how (and why) it was <br>
managed to get basic board support (1 CPU , serial, INITRD) for mainlining <br>
Nexus 5X and 6P. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/a/a6/JRM_NEXUS_ELC_2017.pdf PDF] | [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77tuFtM4gjA VIDEO]
== Building and OPen Source Streaming Analytics Stack with Kafka and Druid [ELC 2017] ==
'''Presenter:''' Fangjin Yang <br>
This session covers how to build a streaming analytics stack using Kafka and Druid. <br>
This tech combination can power a robust data pipeline to support real-time and batch <br>
ingestion and flexible, low-latency queries. <br>
* [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nVEWee9fc4 VIDEO]
== The Syria Airlift Project: Open-Sourcing Humanitarian Airlift [ELC 2016]==
'''Presenter:''' Mark Jacobsen, U.S. Air Force <br>
This presentation by an US airforce personnel talks about technicalities <br>
behind a real life airlifting operations executed in Syria. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/d/d3/The_Syria_Airlift_Project-_Open-Sourcing_Humanitarian_Airlift.pdf PDF]
== Open Lighting Architecture: Blinky Lights! [ELC 2015]==
'''Presenter:''' Matt Ranostay, Intel <br>
This presentation talks about implementing DMX512, an industry standard <br>
lighting specification using open lighting architecture. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/a/a6/Open_Lighting_Architecture-_Blinky_Lights%21.pdf PDF]
== CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer [ELCE 2015] ==
'''Presenter: ''' Hans de Goede, Red Hat<br>
This presentation gives information on the C.H.I.P.<br>
C.H.I.P. accessories, C.H.I.P. upstream support status<br>
and a demo.
* [https://elinux.org/images/8/84/Chip-elce2015_0.pdf PDF]
== Extending Linux using Arduinos [ELC 2014]==
'''Presenter:''' Michael E Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc. <br>
This session talks about challenges of bringing up Linux on Arduino board <br>
and also covers solutions and connectivity options on Arduino board with Linux. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/6/6f/ArduinoLinux_Anderson.pdf PDF] | [http://free-electrons.com/blog/elc2014-videos/ VIDEO]
== Portability Is For People Who Cannot Write New Programs - Experience with GNU, LINUX, and other Open Source on ARC Processors [ELCE 2010] ==
'''Presenter: '''Ruud Derwig and/or Mischa Jonker <br>
This presentation talks about ARC processor <br>
products and overview of porting steps. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/0/0d/ELC-E_Arc_Linux.pdf PDF]
== Embedded Linux on FPGAs for fun and profit [ELC 2009]==
'''Presenter:''' John Williams <br>
This talk covers methods to realize Embedded Linux on FPGA done <br>
as part of the EboxCreate project. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/5/54/ELC2009_Embedded_Linux_on_FPGAs_for_fun_and_profit.pdf PDF]
== Shifting Sands: Lessons Learned from Linux on an FPGA [ELC 2008] ==
'''Presenter:''' Grant Likely <br>
This talk narrates the experiences and lessons learnt after running Linux <br>
on the FPGA which simulated a SoC. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/2/2f/Glikely--fpga-lessons-learned.pdf PDF]
== Introduction to the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) [ELCE 2007] ==
'''Presenter: '''Carsten Emde <br>
This presentation explains what is OSADL, goals of  OSADL <br>
and OSADL cooperative components. <br>
* [https://elinux.org/images/1/1f/CELF-OSADL.pdf PDF]

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