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== Design ==
== Design ==

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The Bamboo is an accessory board and case for the OMAP4430 based PandaBoard from TinCanTools. The Bamboo provides addition I/O as well as a case that allows the PandaBoard to be used in a Set Top Box(STB) configuration.


  • Real-Time clock with Battery Back-up
  • I2C Interface (+5V level)
  • AT24C01 Serial EEPROM for Board Identification
  • 2 user LEDS
  • Power LED
  • Reset Button
  • Power Button
  • 2 USB host ports
  • Fits in ABS plastic case


Panda-bamboo1.png Panda-bamboo2.png Panda-bamboo3.png Panda-bamboo4.png Panda-bamboo5.png


Revision 1 Schematic