Panda How to add 2 USBs

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  • You can add 2 additional USB ports to the Pandaboard development platform.

These are the materials you will need in addition to your Pandaboard.

  • A PC USB Thingy


  • Detail of one of the Thingy's pigtails


The Red (VCC) wire will connect to J6 Pin 1 (USB Port 3) or 2 (USB Port 4)

The White (D-) wire will connect to J6 Pin 3 (USB Port 3) or 4 (USB Port 4)

The Green (D+) wire will connect to J6 Pin 5 (USB Port 3) or 6 (USB Port 4)

The Black (Gnd) wire will connect to J6 Pin 7 (USB Port 3) or 8 (USB Port 4)

The fifth pin (shield) is not connected.

Earlier versions of the Pandaboard had connections for the shield, but they were dropped in favour of some additional GPIOs.

  • A 2 x 4 pin header .1" centers



Here is what the header will look like when soldered to J6 of the Pandaboard.

  • Detail of the Thingy plugged into the Header at J6


Just solder the header into the J6 pins closest to the WIFI module, Then plug in the pigtails. Make sure that the Red wire end of the connectors are plugged into the pins nearest the WIFI module.

Most PC USB Thingy's have a standard pinout that is compatible with J6

  • First few pins of J6