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Items of interest inside the device:

PCB Pads:

Primary side:

  • TXD0, RXD0 these are incorrectly label on the pcb, they are actually UARTTXD1 and UARTRXD1
  • CTS0, RTS0 (apparently extended to cartridge port)
  • L16 (nCS0 PM0)
  • A4 (PH5/ETHERTX1 I/O General Purpose I/O Signals -- Port H5; multiplexed with Ethernet Transmit Channel 1)

USB Pins:

  • A16 USBDN I/O USB Data Negative (Differential Pair output, single ended and Differential pair input)
  • A15 USBDP I/O USB Data Positive (Differential Pair output, single ended and Differential pair input)

Secondary side:

  • Test1
  • Vss
  • Test2
  • CS1 bridge (SMT pads for 0-ohm resistor with a line between them) opposite the big Co B blob
  • M4 (PB4/SSPRX/I2SRXD/UARTRX0/UARTIRRX0) Port B4; multiplexed with SSP Data In, I2S Data In, UART0 Serial Data In, and UART0 Infrared Data In
  • 1V8 (most likely 1.8v for the cpu core)

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