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== Documents ==
== Documents ==
* [[Device_Power_Management_Specification]]
* [[Device_Power_Management_Specification]]
* [[Dynamic_Power_Management_Specification]]
* Mapping of ACPI states to omap power states: [[Media:Acpi-to-omap2-mapping.pdf|ACPI to OMAP2 Mapping]]
* Mapping of ACPI states to omap power states: [[Media:Acpi-to-omap2-mapping.pdf|ACPI to OMAP2 Mapping]]

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This page has information about Power Management for Linux. Power Management exists because many products are handheld or mobile, and consumers are interested in using their products for as long as possible on a single battery charge.

Power Management Technology/Project pages

  • http://www.lesswatts.org/index.php - LessWatts.org
    • LessWatts.org is about how you can save real watts, however you use Linux on your computer or computers.
    • LessWatts is about creating a community around saving power on Linux, bringing developers, users, and sysadmins together to share software, optimizations, and tips and tricks.

CE Linux Forum Standards

See here CELF PM Requirements 2006


For some good overviews of different PM features relevant to embedded, you may want to look at the following papers:

  • Every Microamp is Sacred - A Dynamic Voltage and Current Control Interface for the Linux Kernel - Liam Girdwood Slides and video
  • Power Management Quality of Service and How You Could Use it in Your Embedded Application - Mark Gross Slides and video
  • Building Blocks for Embedded Power Management - Kevin Hilman Slides and video
  • Linux Suspend-to-Disk Objectives for Consumer Electronic Devices - Vitaly Wool Slides.
  • Linux Clock Management Framework - Siarhei Yermalayeu slides
  • Advanced Power Management for OMAP3, Peter de Schrijver, FOSDEM 2009 Video
  • Taking Linux power management to production quality, Eugeny Mints, ELCE 2008 Video.
  • Power Management on ARM11, Mischa Jonker, ELCE 2008 Slides and video.

Open Source Projects/Mailing Lists