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(Power Management)
(Power Management)
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= '''Power Management''' =
== About the Need to Power Instrument the Linux Kernel ==
'''Presenter:''' Patrick Titiano, BayLibre  <br>
This presentation provides information about SoC power management, <br>
benefits, power visualization apps and closed-loop power policies.<br>
[https://elinux.org/images/c/c9/Need_to_Power_Instrument_Linux_Kernel_v4.pdf PDF] | [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBl_9FgfT3o VIDEO] ELC 2017
== Power Management Integrated Circuits: Keep the Power in Your Hands ==
'''Presenter:''' Quentin Schulz, Free Electrons  <br>
This presentation provides information about PMIC <br>
(Power Management Integrated Circuit) using different subsystems <br>
like MFD, power supply etc. and ways to achieve over-voltage <br>
protection. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/0/02/Schulz-pmics-keep-power-in-your-hands.pdf PDF] | [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsDWgm0YiaU VIDEO] ELC 2017
== Power Management in Zephyr RTOS ==
'''Presenter:''' Ramesh Thomas, Intel  <br>
The session talks about effective power management support in this platform <br>
that have very limited resources and overview on the power management infrastructure <br>
provided by Zephyr. <br>
[https://elinux.org/index.php?title=Special:Upload&wpDestFile=Rthomas.pdf PDF] | [https://elinux.org/index.php?title=Special:Upload&wpDestFile=Rthomas.pdf VIDEO] ELC 2016
== Linux Power Management Optimization on the Nvidia Jetson Platform ==
'''Presenter:''' Merlin Friesen, Golden Gate Research  <br>
The session covers SoC power management, techniques and features.  <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/e/e9/Friesen.pdf PDF] | [https://youtu.be/9KuY_zMir3A VIDEO] ELC 2016
== Sigrok: Adventures in Integrating a Power-Measurement Device ==
'''Presenter:''' Bartosz Golaszewski, BayLibre  <br>
The session talks about ACME cape key features, sigrok <br>
architecture, sigrok flow and sigrok key features. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/7/76/Sigrok-_Adventures_in_Integrating_a_Power-Measurement_Device.pdf PDF] |  ELC 2015
== Last One Out, Turn Off The Lights ==
'''Presenter:''' Geert Uytterhoeven, Glider bvba  <br>
This talk covers power domains, clock domains, power/clock <br>
distribution and topology. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/1/14/Last_One_Out%2C_Turn_Off_The_Lights.pdf PDF] | ELC 2015
== System Power Management Interface (SPMI) ==
'''Presenter:''' Josh Cartwright, Qualcomm Innovation Center  <br>
The session covers high level architectural overview of SPMI <br>
and Linux kernel software interfaces. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/c/c1/Elc2014_spmi_joshc.pdf PDF] | [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEPOvrn6NB0s VIDEO] ELC 2014
== Use-Case Power Management Optimization: Identifying and Tracking Key Power Indicators ==
'''Presenter:''' Patrick Titiano, BayLibre <br>
The presenter talks about identifying and tracking KPIs <br>
on a per use-case basis to optimize power consumption <br>
at system level and also maintain temperature. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/2/28/Use-Case_Power_Management_Optimization_ELC_Presentation.pdf PDF] | [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBXCkBLIwLo VIDEO] ELC 2014
== Runtime PM: Upstream I/O Device Power Management ==
'''Presenter:''' Magnus Damm  <br>
The slides cover CPU runtime power management in Linux idle loop <br>
and I/O device runtime power management. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/1/18/Elc2011_damm.pdf PDF] ELC 2011
== The Evolution of Tracing and Profiling for Power Management and Accelerators ==
'''Presenter:''' Jean Pihet (NewOldBits.com)  <br>
These slides cover status of power management, accel trace <br>
events and contributions to mainline kernel. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/d/d8/Elc2011_pihet.pdf PDF] ELC 2011
== Workload-based Aggressive Power Management on the Intel Moorestown MID and Future Intel MID/Smartphone Platforms ==
'''Presenter:''' Sujith Thomas  <br>
This presentation provides information about CPU power management, <br>
performance management, device power management, active and <br>
idle power management. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/6/68/WordloadCharacterization-ELC-final.pdf PDF] ELC 2010
== Wake-ups Effect on Idle Power for Intel's Moorestown MID and Smartphone Platform ==
'''Presenter:''' German Monroy  <br>
The session talks about power measurement alternatives <br>
and analyzes timer behavior using ftrace. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/0/07/Effect_of_wakeups_on_Moorestown_power.pdf PDF] ELC 2010
== DVFS for Embedded Linux ==
'''Presenter:''' Yong Bon Koo and Youngbin Seo <br>
The presenter talks about CPU power consumption and <br>
DVFS design for CPU power consumption. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/8/8a/ELC_2010_PM_Slides.pdf PDF] ELC 2010
== Runtime Power Management: Overview and Platform Implementation ==
'''Presenter:''' Kevin Hilman <br>
This presentation provides information about new power <br>
management framework and simple API usage. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/0/08/ELC-2010-Hilman-Runtime-PM.pdf PDF] ELC 2010
== Runtime Power Management on SuperH Mobile ==
'''Presenter:'''Magnus Damm  <br>
This presentation information about run time power management <br>
clock framework, device drivers and sleep modes in SuperH mobile platforms <br>
[Runtime-Power-Management-on-SuperH-Mobile-20090407.pdf PDF] ELC 2009
== Linux System Power Management on OMAP3430 ==
'''Presenter:''' Richard Woodruff  <br>
The session provides information about hardware power <br>
management features in OMAP3430 AND 3430 and how Linux power <br>
Management software exploits hardware features. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/6/6b/TI_OMAP3430_Linux_PM_reference.ppt PDF] ELC 2008
== Building Blocks for Embedded Power Management ==
'''Presenter:''' Kevin Hilman <br>
This presentation provides information about hardware features,<br>
clock hierarchy, voltage/current regulators, voltage domains, <br>
clock domains and clock framework in Embedded Power Management. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/3/3e/PM_Building_Blocks1.pdf PDF] | [https://bootlin.com/pub/video/2008/fosdem/fosdem2008-kevin-hilman-power-management.ogg VIDEO] ELC 2008
== Power Management Quality of Service and How You Could Use it in Your Embedded Application==
'''Presenter:''' Mark Gross <br>
This presentation talks about new kernel infrastructure to <br>
facilitate the communication of latency and throughput <br>
needs among devices and automatic power management at the driver level. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/f/f9/Elc2008_pm_qos_slides.pdf PDF] | [https://bootlin.com/pub/video/2008/elc/elc2008-mark-gross-power-management.ogg VIDEO] ELC 2008
== Every Microamp is Sacred - A Dynamic Voltage and Current Control Interface for the Linux Kernel. ==
'''Presenter:''' Liam Girdwood  <br>
The session covers static and dynamic system power, kernel regulator framework.<br>
[https://elinux.org/images/c/c1/Regulator-api-celf.pdf PDF] | [https://bootlin.com/pub/video/2008/elc/elc2008-liam-girdwood-every-microamp-is-sacred.ogg VIDEO] ELC 2008
== Power Management Techniques, Policies, and Problems for Embedded Linux ==
'''Presenter:''' Mark Gross  <br>
The session covers dynamic power management, power management memory,<br>
clock framework, voltage framework and power management drivers. <br>
[http://CELF_ELC2007_mgross_PM_slide_set.pdf PDF] ELC 2007
== Suspend-to-RAM implementation on freescale 74xx without PMU ==
'''Presenter:''' Fujihito Numano  <br>
This session covers Power Management Unit (PMU), <br>
sleep mode of PMU and power management functions. <br>
[http://Suspend-to-RAMImplementationOnFreescale74xxWithoutPMU-070418.pdf PDF] ELC 2007
== A Generic Parameter Layer for Linux Power Management ==
'''Presenter:''' Matt Locke  <br>
The slides cover Power Management structure, use count <br>
tracking and methods to keep system operational. <br>
[http://mlocke-elc2007-pm.ppt.pdf PDF] ELC 2007
== Benchmarking of Dynamic Power Management Solutions ==
'''Presenter:''' Frank Dols  <br>
The session talks about Dynamic Power Management concepts <br>
and performance of prediction methods.<br>
[http://Benchmarking-of-Dynamic-Power-Management-Solutions.pdf PDF] ELC 2007
== Topics in Embedded Power Management ==
'''Presenter:''' Todd Poynor <br>
The session describes power management complexities, methods <br>
to save power and clock domains with multiple power states and latencies. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/a/a8/Pm-celf-summit-2006.pdf PDF] | [https://bootlin.com/pub/video/2006/elc/elc2006-todd-poynor-embedded-power-management.ogg VIDEO] ELC 2006
== Power Management Panel ==
'''Presenter:''' Power Management Panel <br>
The slides cover power management related Q&A. <br>
[https://bootlin.com/pub/video/2006/elc/elc2006-mark-gross-power-management-panel.ogg VIDEO] ELC 2006
==ARM MPCore and Power Management ==
'''Presenter:''' John Goodacre <br>
This presentation provides information about multi-core <br>
processing, effect of MPCore’s enhanced L1 and power management of ARM. <br>
[https://elinux.org/images/1/12/MPCore_and_Linux_Power.pdf%2C PDF] ELC 2006

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