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Build System In Linux



3.Yocto Project.

1.Bitbake Build System

Title : Top 3 pains in professional use of bitbake

Presenters Name: Klaas van Gend

Summary : in this presentation will give the idea about the bitbake in that how the OpenEmbedded + Bitbake fits professional use better than “Linux from Scratch” and Re-use of community knowledge .

PDF: ELC.klaasvangend.openembedded.v4.pdf

2.Buildroot System

1.Title : Building Embedded Linux Systems with Buildroot

Presenters Name: Thomas Petazzoni

Summary : this presentation will covers the about the buildroot ,buildroot configuration ,genral build root usage,how the buildroot works.


 2.Title: Buildroot vs. OpenEmbedded/Yocto: A Four Hands Discussion 

Presenters Name: Alexandre Belloni & Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons

Summary : In this presentation compare both with the general philosophy ,output, configuration, layers, toolchains, packages and complexity.(2019 ELC Presentation)

PDF: [1]

YouTube Link: [2]

3.Title: Buildroot: What's new?

Presenters Name: Thomas Petazzoni, Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons)

Summary : this Presentation will go through the numerous new features and improvements that have appeared in the last few years, and show how they can be useful for developers, users and contributors.(2018 ELC Presentation).

PDF: [3]

YouTube Link: Title: [4]