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This page contains demos for RCCF2020.

Request for adding demo

If you have demo which runs on R-Car/RH850, you can add it into list in this page freely.

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===Company name:Demo title ===
[[File:thumbnail_image_filename | x200 px | link=https://xxxxxxxx]]
* Company name
** [https://xxxxxxxxxx.com Company Name]
* Contact address
** [mailto:xxxxxxx@renesas.com xxxxxxx@renesas.com]
** [https://xxxxxxxxxx.com/contact Contact form]
* Description
** Short description about demo(Up to 3 lines)
* Device
** Your device used in demo
** ex.) R-Car Starter Kit Pro/Premier
* Link
** Video: [https://xxxxxxxxxxxxx link name]
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** etc.

R-Car Connected Car SDK.jpeg

<!-- Source code -->
[[File:R-Car_Connected_Car_SDK.jpeg| x200 px | link=https://www.renesas.com/jp/ja/support/videos/6018373601001.html]]
* Company name
** [https://www.renesas.com Renesas Electronics]
* Contact address
** [mailto:xxxxxxx@renesas.com xxxxxxx@renesas.com]
** [https://xxxxxxxxxx.com/contact Contact form]
* Description
** R-Car Solutions for Connected Cars
* Device
** R-Car Starter Kit Premier
** R-Car Starter Kit Pro
* Link
** Video: [https://www.renesas.com/jp/ja/support/videos/6018373601001.html Renesas Web Page: R-Car Solutions for Connected Cars]
** Webpage: https://elinux.org/R-Car/Connected_Car_SDK_startup_guide

Demo List

Secure Automotive Connectivity Platform

  • Description
    • Component-based ready-to-use Automotive gateway
  • Device
    • R-Car H3 with Kingfisher infotainment board
  • Link

R-Car Virtual Platform on VLAB from VLAB works


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • VLAB is a suite that allows users to utilize virtualization in the embedded product development process.
    • A VLAB Virtual Platform is a collection of virtual components configured to represent an embedded system that supports development, debug, and test.
    • R-Car Virtual Platform provides a virtual Renesas R-Car V3M SoC for development of Automotive Information Terminal Applications.
    • Under Yocto, users can start to develop embedded software from the beginning of the development phase.
    • With the IMR-LX4 modelled as part of the virtual platform, users can debug, analyze and optimize a OpenGL application.
  • Device
    • R-Car V3M SoC with Yocto Example
    • R-Car H3
    • RH850 G4(E2X, U2A), G3(C1x, E1x, F1x, P1x)
  • Link(To see Demo, Please click a below link)

Timing simulation from INCHRON

V3h-modell q.jpg Dta chronVIEW.jpg ChronSIM-Screenshot.jpg

  • company Name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • In every step of the development of a real-time critical embedded system, timing and performance should be considered.
    • With model-based timing simulation, timing errors can be found 12 month earlier.
    • With trace-based timing analyis and test, timing errors can be found, understood and fixed easily.
    • Continuous testing with Cloud/DevOps/Automation/ CI/DI etc help ensuring the development quality.
    • the INCHRON Tool-Suite provides design, optimization, analysis and test capabilities.
    • a demo / starter-set is available for Renesas R-Car
    • includes ARM cores, IP cores, memory simulation
    • includes DTA and BusMonitor trace support
  • Link

Candera:Holi(stic) Automotive Cluster & IVI Solution

CGI-Studio---Cluster IVI Solution.jpg

  • Description of HMI Solution
    • Automotive 2D/3D human-machine interface, showing the perfect interaction between a full digital instrument cluster and an IVI system.
    • Developed with Candera CGI Studio on Renesas R-Car H3
    • Next generation automotive HMIs - Cluster and IVI projects
    • Multi View and Multi Display architecture
    • High convergence between HMI areas
    • Domain computing environment using Renesas R-Car H3
    • Running with 60 fps
    • Using Open GL ES 3.0

Altia: Complete HMI Solution for Automotive Embedded Displays on R-Car Devices

Altia3DClusterInEditor 1.jpg

  • Altia HMI Software and Services
    • WYSIWYG GUI editor and graphics code generator
    • Streamlined workflow for managing iterations
    • Generate functional prototypes in any stage of development for UX testing
    • Generate code at any stage of development for performance testing
    • Develop custom, high performance graphics with 2D and 3D content
    • Supports global languages (any font, any language) – no coding required
    • Quality initiatives for ASPICE, MISRA and ISO 26262
    • Code generation support for all Renesas R-Car D/E/M/H

Wind River:Helix Virtualization Platform for Renesas R-Car H3


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform is the market’s most tested virtualization solution for workload consolidation, which includes static and dynamic configuration options for heterogeneous mixed criticality OSes, where safety-critical and noncertified applications share a common platform.
    • Demo shows Helix Virtualization Platform running on Salvator-XS, Renesas R-Car H3.
    • Two guest OSes, VxWorks and Automotive Grade Linux, run on Helix Virtualization Platform and share one GPU.
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car H3
  • Link

Ubiquitous AI Corporation:Ubiquitous QuickBoot Demo for Renesas R-Car M3


Ubiquitous AI Corporation:Ubiquitous QuickBoot Demo for Renesas R-Car H3/Android


OSAKA NDS CO.,LTD:Vehicle Information Service Platform


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Provide the vehicle information with the open standard interfaces. Make a contribution to software vendors in the development of the services for inside/outside a car like MaaS.
    • Make a contribution to analyzing/evaluating the defects/the failures by recording and accumulating the vehicle information.
    • Make a contribution to improvement of the service for inside/outside a car by detecting the status of a driver and/or the events around/within a car with analyzing the vehicle information.
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car H3
  • Link

PUX Corporation:Driver Monitoring Solutions


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Software with proven track record of automotive mass production Since 2013, we have been developing image recognition software for driver monitoring system (DMS).
    • Since 2018 FaceU(R) for DMS has been adopted for mass-produced vehicles through major Tier1 vendors and auto parts suppliers not only in Japan but in global market.
    • This is PoC demo of DMS with a meter cluster panel on R-Car E3. PUX's DMS(Driver Monitoring System) solution and high guality drawing on a meter cluster achieved by " R-Car E3 (1 chip solution)"
    • Please take a look at our demo videos through the link below.
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car E3
  • Link

RT-RK Automotive:Renesas R-CAR M3 based Network Tuner

AutoTV demo thumb.jpg

  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Network Tuner approach for TV signal reception in a car
    • Solution based on R-CAR M3
    • Separated Network Tuner from the HU
    • Performing reception including antenna diversity
    • Tuner processing and Broadcast to IP conversion
    • Global coverage including functionalities as
      • Handover, channel list maintenance and various services(Teletext, BML, EPG etc.)
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car M3 SoC
  • Link

GlobalLogic Inc.:Phoenix 2.0 - Hypervisor based Digital Cockpit solution accelerator and demo kit

GL Phoenix demo.jpg

  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • A hypervisor-based solution aimed to help end vendors and Tiers 1 to significantly reduce costs of BOM and still provide flawless user experience.
    • Renesas R-Car Starter Kit Premier board as a core of the solution
    • Xen Hypervisor, open source and royalty free, optimized for maximum performance and stability
    • GL Proprietary drivers to share peripheral devices across systems ( shared GPU, Paravirtualized Audio, CAN-pipe to guest domain, CAN-to-HID, etc.)
    • Android for Automotive as an IVI OS. Supporting all must have features in modern IVI systems, including navigation, media playback, phone, HVAC and others.
    • Yocto based fully customized Linux distribution for fully digital Instrument Cluster with Rich UI
    • Tell Tales support, using a dedicated safety island (Cortex R7) running ASIL-B compliant RTOS
    • Head Up display, RVC, Ultrasonic Parking Assistant, Face Unlock, standalone TCU (Cellular, WiFi & BT) and other automotive grade features
    • Integrated cutting edge AI algorithms for advanced features
    • Custom built simulation box to emulate vehicle events
    • Time and costs reduction needed to bring production solution to market by using this solution accelerator
    • Modular and extensible architecture for fast and easy customization based on the customer requirements
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car H3 (Starter Kit Premier)
  • Link

The DiSTI Corporation:Mixed-Criticality HMI w/ GL Studio Cluster and HUD on Single SoC

Renesas R-CarH3SalvatorX3.JPG

The DiSTI Corporation:Cross-Platform Scalable HMI w/ GL Studio IVI on YOCTO and Android

Renesas R-Car M3 Starter Kit Running on YOCTO Linux.JPG

Ubiquitous AI Corporation:Driver Monitoring Software Jungo's CoDriver on R-Car H3

Codriver rcarh3.png

Ubiquitous AI Corporation:Driver Monitoring Software Jungo's CoDriver on R-Car E3

Codriver rcare3b.png

FPT Software:AGL Head-up Display (HUD) on R-Car M2 (Porter)

  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Driver assistance for:
      • Showing up direction/vehicle symbol onto windshield
      • Help to driving car in dark-night and bad weather situation
      • Warning to driver violate/over limited speed
  • Device
    • R-Car M2 Porter Kit
  • Link

eSoftThings: eST develops optimal solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV).


Green Hills Software: Safe and Secure RTOS and Virtualization for Vehicle Cockpit and ADAS Systems


ROHM Semiconductor:Functional Safety Detection Demo of Power Management IC BD9576MUF-C

Rohm video image.png

3D Incorporated: Cluster PoC 2 Demo for Renesas R-Car E3


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Software with proven track record for automotive mass production Since 2006, we have been developing graphics software for High-performance graphics Cluster. Since 2008, Automotive HMI Tools "REMO SUITE" has been adopted for mass-produced vehicles by major Tier1 manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers in Japan and overseas.
    • This is R-Car E3 + Cluster PoC 2 Demo. 3D Incorporated's High-performance graphics Cluster drawing realized with "R-Car E3" 1-chip. Photo-realistic reflection using PBR, IBL, and HDR was used to represent the car body in the cluster.
    • You can watch a demo video at the link below.
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car E3
  • Link

TTTech Auto:MotionWise - The safety mastermind for automated driving and beyond


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • MotionWise is a series-proven safety software platform for automated driving.
    • It acts as the safety mastermind for automated driving within a vehicle architecture, handling the high complexity of such systems.
    • With its smart architecture design and surrounding tools, MotionWise helps unleashing the full potential of automated driving solutions, while offering many technological and commercial benefits, much like real-time capabilities with fail-operational performance, safety by design, guarantee of service, cutting edge open integration platform and many more. Learn about its key capabilities in our video.
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car family
  • Link

NNG Navigations : Navigation software for global market


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Navigation software PoC is featured with the connected live traffic, weather, and parking information. The destination with free text in one box field is demonstrated.

The companion app on the phone connects to Renesas board to enable “last one mile” guidance.