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This page contains R-Car Consortium Partners' demos for Renesas Automotive Days.
Each demo is including following contents:

  • Thumbnail Image(jump to video or web page when click image)
  • Comapny name
  • Contact address
  • Description
  • Device
  • Link(Video/Web page)

Request for adding demo

If you have demo which runs on R-Car/RH850, you can add it into list in this page freely.

How to add your demo in list

Registration and Login is required for editing.
Please registration from Special:RequestAccount.
Login from Special:UserLogin, then edit from here.
Please upload thumbnail image from Special:Upload.

Edit this page, and insert your demo into bottom of the list.
You can use below template.

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Before you post, please read ELinuxWiki:Policies_&_Guidelines


===Company name:Demo title ===
[[File:thumbnail_image_filename | x200 px | link=https://xxxxxxxx]]
* Company name
** [https://xxxxxxxxxx.com Company Name]
* Contact address
** [mailto:xxxxxxx@renesas.com xxxxxxx@renesas.com]
** [https://xxxxxxxxxx.com/contact Contact form]
* Description
** Short description about demo(Up to 3 lines)
* Device
** Your device used in demo
** ex.) R-Car Starter Kit Pro/Premier
* Link
** Video: [https://xxxxxxxxxxxxx link name]
** Image: [https://xxxxxxxxxxxxx link name]
** Webpage: [https://xxxxxxxxxxxxx link name]
** etc.


R-Car Connected Car SDK.jpeg

<!-- Source code -->
[[File:R-Car_Connected_Car_SDK.jpeg| x200 px | link=https://www.renesas.com/jp/ja/support/videos/6018373601001.html]]
* Company name
** [https://www.renesas.com Renesas Electronics]
* Contact address
** [mailto:xxxxxxx@renesas.com xxxxxxx@renesas.com]
** [https://xxxxxxxxxx.com/contact Contact form]
* Description
** R-Car Solutions for Connected Cars
* Device
** R-Car Starter Kit Premier
** R-Car Starter Kit Pro
* Link
** Video: [https://www.renesas.com/jp/ja/support/videos/6018373601001.html Renesas Web Page: R-Car Solutions for Connected Cars]
** Webpage: https://elinux.org/R-Car/Connected_Car_SDK_startup_guide

Demo List

ADAS IVI/Cockpit Instrument_Cluster Common


BlackBerry QNX:ADAS Demo(Front Face and Eye Detection) on R-Car H3


Vueron View.One : LiDAR Solution for automotive mass production (on R-Car H3)


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Deployed on automotive-qualified processors like Renesas R-Car H3, Vueron solution accurately detects and provides necessary information for ADAS and autonomous driving. With the powerful performance of Vueron solution, Vueron recently received the world's first autonomous driving license issued by the government with only one LiDAR sensor(No camera, no radar, no HD map, and no GPS used).
    • Basic function of View.One
      • Cut-in / Cut-out / In-path vehicle detection
      • Blind spot vehicle detection
      • Lane detection & Recommended path
      • Guardrail detection
      • Ground profile & road sign detection
      • Tunnel detection
  • Device
    • PC
    • Renesas R-Car H3
  • Link

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Instrument Cluster

Winbond Electronics: Automotive Cluster System - Winbond QspiNAND W25M02GV + Renesas RH850/D1M2


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Altia: Complete HMI Solution for Automotive Embedded Displays on R-Car Devices

Altia3DClusterInEditor 1.jpg

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