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This page contains demos for RCCF2020.

Request for adding demo

If you have demo which runs on R-Car/RH850, you can add it into list in this page freely.

3D Incorporated: Cluster PoC 2 Demo for Renesas R-Car E3


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Software with proven track record for automotive mass production Since 2006, we have been developing graphics software for High-performance graphics Cluster. Since 2008, Automotive HMI Tools "REMO SUITE" has been adopted for mass-produced vehicles by major Tier1 manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers in Japan and overseas.
    • This is R-Car E3 + Cluster PoC 2 Demo. 3D Incorporated's High-performance graphics Cluster drawing realized with "R-Car E3" 1-chip. Photo-realistic reflection using PBR, IBL, and HDR was used to represent the car body in the cluster.
    • You can watch a demo video at the link below.
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car E3
  • Link

Demo List

Secure Automotive Connectivity Platform

  • Description
    • Component-based ready-to-use Automotive gateway
  • Device
    • R-Car H3 with Kingfisher infotainment board
  • Link

R-Car Virtual Platform on VLAB from VLAB works


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • VLAB is a suite that allows users to utilize virtualization in the embedded product development process.
    • A VLAB Virtual Platform is a collection of virtual components configured to represent an embedded system that supports development, debug, and test.
    • R-Car Virtual Platform provides a virtual Renesas R-Car V3M SoC for development of Automotive Information Terminal Applications.
    • Under Yocto, users can start to develop embedded software from the beginning of the development phase.
    • With the IMR-LX4 modelled as part of the virtual platform, users can debug, analyze and optimize a OpenGL application.
  • Device
    • R-Car V3M SoC with Yocto Example
    • R-Car H3
    • RH850 G4(E2X, U2A), G3(C1x, E1x, F1x, P1x)
  • Link(To see Demo, Please click a below link)

Timing simulation from INCHRON

V3h-modell q.jpg Dta chronVIEW.jpg ChronSIM-Screenshot.jpg

  • company Name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • In every step of the development of a real-time critical embedded system, timing and performance should be considered.
    • With model-based timing simulation, timing errors can be found 12 month earlier.
    • With trace-based timing analyis and test, timing errors can be found, understood and fixed easily.
    • Continuous testing with Cloud/DevOps/Automation/ CI/DI etc help ensuring the development quality.
    • the INCHRON Tool-Suite provides design, optimization, analysis and test capabilities.
    • a demo / starter-set is available for Renesas R-Car
    • includes ARM cores, IP cores, memory simulation
    • includes DTA and BusMonitor trace support
  • Link

Candera:Holi(stic) Automotive Cluster & IVI Solution

CGI-Studio---Cluster IVI Solution.jpg

  • Description of HMI Solution
    • Automotive 2D/3D human-machine interface, showing the perfect interaction between a full digital instrument cluster and an IVI system.
    • Developed with Candera CGI Studio on Renesas R-Car H3
    • Next generation automotive HMIs - Cluster and IVI projects
    • Multi View and Multi Display architecture
    • High convergence between HMI areas
    • Domain computing environment using Renesas R-Car H3
    • Running with 60 fps
    • Using Open GL ES 3.0

Altia: Complete HMI Solution for Automotive Embedded Displays on R-Car Devices

Altia3DClusterInEditor 1.jpg

  • Altia HMI Software and Services
    • WYSIWYG GUI editor and graphics code generator
    • Streamlined workflow for managing iterations
    • Generate functional prototypes in any stage of development for UX testing
    • Generate code at any stage of development for performance testing
    • Develop custom, high performance graphics with 2D and 3D content
    • Supports global languages (any font, any language) – no coding required
    • Quality initiatives for ASPICE, MISRA and ISO 26262
    • Code generation support for all Renesas R-Car D/E/M/H

Wind River:Helix Virtualization Platform for Renesas R-Car H3


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform is the market’s most tested virtualization solution for workload consolidation, which includes static and dynamic configuration options for heterogeneous mixed criticality OSes, where safety-critical and noncertified applications share a common platform.
    • Demo shows Helix Virtualization Platform running on Salvator-XS, Renesas R-Car H3.
    • Two guest OSes, VxWorks and Automotive Grade Linux, run on Helix Virtualization Platform and share one GPU.
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car H3
  • Link

Ubiquitous AI Corporation:Ubiquitous QuickBoot Demo for Renesas R-Car M3


Ubiquitous AI Corporation:Ubiquitous QuickBoot Demo for Renesas R-Car H3/Android


OSAKA NDS CO.,LTD:Vehicle Information Service Platform


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Provide the vehicle information with the open standard interfaces. Make a contribution to software vendors in the development of the services for inside/outside a car like MaaS.
    • Make a contribution to analyzing/evaluating the defects/the failures by recording and accumulating the vehicle information.
    • Make a contribution to improvement of the service for inside/outside a car by detecting the status of a driver and/or the events around/within a car with analyzing the vehicle information.
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car H3
  • Link

PUX Corporation:Driver Monitoring Solutions


  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Software with proven track record of automotive mass production Since 2013, we have been developing image recognition software for driver monitoring system (DMS).
    • Since 2018 FaceU(R) for DMS has been adopted for mass-produced vehicles through major Tier1 vendors and auto parts suppliers not only in Japan but in global market.
    • This is PoC demo of DMS with a meter cluster panel on R-Car E3. PUX's DMS(Driver Monitoring System) solution and high guality drawing on a meter cluster achieved by " R-Car E3 (1 chip solution)"
    • Please take a look at our demo videos through the link below.
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car E3
  • Link

RT-RK Automotive:Renesas R-CAR M3 based Network Tuner

AutoTV demo thumb.jpg

  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Network Tuner approach for TV signal reception in a car
    • Solution based on R-CAR M3
    • Separated Network Tuner from the HU
    • Performing reception including antenna diversity
    • Tuner processing and Broadcast to IP conversion
    • Global coverage including functionalities as
      • Handover, channel list maintenance and various services(Teletext, BML, EPG etc.)
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car M3 SoC
  • Link

GlobalLogic Inc.:Phoenix 2.0 - Hypervisor based Digital Cockpit solution accelerator and demo kit

GL Phoenix demo.jpg

  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • A hypervisor-based solution aimed to help end vendors and Tiers 1 to significantly reduce costs of BOM and still provide flawless user experience.
    • Renesas R-Car Starter Kit Premier board as a core of the solution
    • Xen Hypervisor, open source and royalty free, optimized for maximum performance and stability
    • GL Proprietary drivers to share peripheral devices across systems ( shared GPU, Paravirtualized Audio, CAN-pipe to guest domain, CAN-to-HID, etc.)
    • Android for Automotive as an IVI OS. Supporting all must have features in modern IVI systems, including navigation, media playback, phone, HVAC and others.
    • Yocto based fully customized Linux distribution for fully digital Instrument Cluster with Rich UI
    • Tell Tales support, using a dedicated safety island (Cortex R7) running ASIL-B compliant RTOS
    • Head Up display, RVC, Ultrasonic Parking Assistant, Face Unlock, standalone TCU (Cellular, WiFi & BT) and other automotive grade features
    • Integrated cutting edge AI algorithms for advanced features
    • Custom built simulation box to emulate vehicle events
    • Time and costs reduction needed to bring production solution to market by using this solution accelerator
    • Modular and extensible architecture for fast and easy customization based on the customer requirements
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car H3 (Starter Kit Premier)
  • Link

The DiSTI Corporation:Mixed-Criticality HMI w/ GL Studio Cluster and HUD on Single SoC

Renesas R-CarH3SalvatorX3.JPG

The DiSTI Corporation:Cross-Platform Scalable HMI w/ GL Studio IVI on YOCTO and Android

Renesas R-Car M3 Starter Kit Running on YOCTO Linux.JPG

Ubiquitous AI Corporation:Driver Monitoring Software Jungo's CoDriver on R-Car H3

Codriver rcarh3.png

Ubiquitous AI Corporation:Driver Monitoring Software Jungo's CoDriver on R-Car E3

Codriver rcare3b.png

FPT Software:AGL Head-up Display (HUD) on R-Car M2 (Porter)

  • Company name
  • Contact address
  • Description
    • Driver assistance for:
      • Showing up direction/vehicle symbol onto windshield
      • Help to driving car in dark-night and bad weather situation
      • Warning to driver violate/over limited speed
  • Device
    • R-Car M2 Porter Kit
  • Link

eSoftThings: eST develops optimal solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV).


Green Hills Software: Safe and Secure RTOS and Virtualization for Vehicle Cockpit and ADAS Systems


ROHM Semiconductor:Functional Safety Detection Demo of Power Management IC BD9576MUF-C

x200 px

  • Device
    • R-Car V3M
  • Link