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This is the Wiki for the Renesas R-Mobile A1-based Atmark Techno Armadillo-800 EVA board. Refer to the R-Mobile page for information about Renesas' R-Mobile SoC family.

Serial Console

Use a serial cable to connect to "CON22". Serial settings are 115200 8N1.

Booting Linux

 * Kernel config: shmobile_defconfig
 * Kernel image: arch/arm/boot/zImage.dtb
 * DTB: arch/arm/boot/dts/r8a7740-armadillo800eva.dtb

Create a zImage with appended DTB:

make zImage dtbs
cat arch/arm/boot/zImage arch/arm/boot/dts/r8a7740-armadillo800eva.dtb > arch/arm/boot/zImage.dtb
# Hermit seems to drop the last byte if size is odd
dd if=/dev/zero bs=16 count=1 >> arch/arm/boot/zImage.dtb

Hermit-At boot command:

tftpboot <armadillo-ip-addr> <server-ip-addr> --kernel=zImage.dtb



The system can be suspended using:

echo mem > /sys/power/state

Wake-Up Sources

Suspend-to-RAM supports the following wake-up sources:

  • gpio-keys: Wake-up using push button SW3
  • sh_eth (Ethernet): Configure using one of:
ethtool -s eth0 wol g # Enable wake on MagicPacket
ethtool -s eth0 wol d # Disable

Wake-up by sending a MagicPacket from another system using:

wakeonlan <mac-address> | <ip-address> # <ip-address> must be in /etc/ethers
  • s35390a (RTC): Not yet supported
  • sh-sci (Serial): Disabled by default
  • st1232 (Touchscreen): Tap the display to wake-up

Remote Control

Operation Signal A Pin A Signal B Pin B Connector needed Comments
Reset JTAG nSRST CON6 pin 15 GND CON6 pin 16 2-pin female Mini-PV
Wake-Up PORT95 CON15 pin 52 GND CON15 pin 38 Solder 2.54mm pin header + 2x 1-pin female Mini-PV Needs ARM: dts: armadillo800eva: Enable PORT95 for wake-up from renesas-drivers#topic/board-farm