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(ICEberg Case V3 for Raspberry Pi)
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|[[File:ICEberg-V3-renderer4.png|thumb|center|200px|Render 3]]
|[[File:ICEberg-V3-renderer4.png|thumb|center|200px|Render 3]]
|[[File:ICEberg-NewV32-300x298.jpg|thumb|center|200px|ICEberg V3 Production on the way !]]
|[[File:ICEberg-NewV32-300x298.jpg|thumb|center|200px|ICEberg V3 Production on the way !]]
|[[File:ICEberg-case-open.jpg‎|thumb|center|200px|ICEberg V3 open case !]]

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Hardware & Peripherals:

Hardware - detailed information about the Raspberry Pi boards.

Hardware History - guide to the Raspberry Pi models.

Low-level Peripherals - using the GPIO and other connectors.

Expansion Boards - GPIO plug-in boards providing additional functionality.

Screens - attaching a screen to the Raspberry Pi.

Cases - lots of nice cases to protect the Raspberry Pi.

Other Peripherals - all sorts of peripherals used with the Raspberry Pi.

As yet, the foundation does not provide cases for the Raspberry Pi. The small form factor or low power draw however, allow you to put it in almost everything.

Lego Case

The Rpi Lego case, designed by forum user eric_baird

I just had a go at knocking up a quick Lego case prototype. Since I don't know the metrics of all the connections, it's a bit of a "proof of concept" right now, but since's it's not exactly difficult to take out any offending side-pieces and move them if they're in the way of a beloved connector, I'm assuming that this isn't a big deal.

Also, because of the thin side-walls, a bit of additional hacksawing or dremeling shouldn't be too difficult.

I've limited myself to only using pieces that are currently available from Lego's "Pick a Brick" shop, in red. :)

I've tried to fit everything into an 8*12 grid footprint, which will hopefully fit … but I don't have the specs of the thickness of the thin wall-pieces, so no guarantees. One thing that might screw things up is the height of the board's connectors: I don't know whether they'll all fit within the upper and lower lip of the side-wall pieces. If the board's "USB port stack" is too high, I guess the "roof" could be raised by a tile or two.

I knocked it up with Lego's Digital Designer program (free download from their site). The critical Lego piece is the repeated hollowed-out "side wall" ("[") brick ("wall element 1*2*2, w. window"), which you'll find on LDD's parts palette behind the little "door" symbol, or under the Pick a Brick page, as element #4507686, design #60032 (red), cost 8 pence each.

Feel free to hack, mangle or otherwise rework.

Download the Lego Digital Designer file for this case

Lego Case 2

Another Rpi Lego case, designed by forum user kimondo

I had a bit of a play in lego designer with the idea of a vertical case – the USB / ethernet would emerge from the top, and the power usb would be on the bottom – possibly using a right angled usb connector. It's possible to alter the sides to allow for gaps for the various bits that stick out. There are lots of transparent bricks available – also includes a 2 x 2 brick to stick the raspberry pi sticker on.

ICEberg Case V3 for Raspberry Pi

  1. First Case Aluminium with direct Coolling for CPU & LAN chipset
  2. Heat transfer with Silicon Thermal Pad
  3. Light LED Guide on the side
  4. 100% Aluminium machined CNC
  5. Case Design Pro
  6. GPU port available
  7. Upgrade with Vesa Mount
  8. Gloss finish
  9. Rubber foot
Exploded View ICEberg case
A rendering of the case made by Moovika
Render 2
Render 3
ICEberg V3 Production on the way !
ICEberg V3 open case !

More information on BLOG ICEberg Case

Video V2 on youtube ICEberg Case V2 Aluminium for Raspberry PI

Shop Preorder now

Marco Alici Case for Raspberry Pi

Marco Alici, Italian Design Engineer, has designed this well appreciated clean enclosure to host the computer:


A rendering of the case made by MarcoA
Another rendering made using Blender and Yafaray
A stackable version of the enclosure
Raspberry Pi computer mounted into the first version of the enclosure 3D printed by Shapeways

This case is available for 3D printing here on Shapeways. Everyone can buy it directly over there.

More infos on Marco's blog: http://marcoalici.wordpress.com

Raspi Case made a single sheet of polypropylen (PP)

Raspberry Pi case from IP Adelt

Strong case cut from a single sheet of polypropylen using a cutting plotter (video), made in germany by IP Adelt. Here's the story. Sold via online shop to the whole world - in a simple envelope!

Printable Mylar Sheet Fold-up Case

"tzj" Printable Mylar sheet case

RaspberryPi.org forum user "eric_baird" thought of printing an outline of the walls of a case on a Mylar overhead projector (OHP) sheet or cardboard that could then be cut out and folded into a case. Multiple users have since drawn such cases that can be printed on a Mylar sheet, thick paper, card stock, cardboard. The printed parts can be cut with a sharp knife or scissors and then folded/assembled into the case.

Multiple models are available:

The foldable case from "tzj" (currently based on the model B beta board).

The foldable case from "alexisread" originally posted here.

The foldable case from "Andrew K" is based on measurements of an actual Raspberry Pi model B and fits snugly.

The foldable case from Thomas Mueller is (arguably) a bit more stylish. It stays closed without glue, and can be re-opened.

Laser-cut Clear Acrylic Case

eBay UK seller guitarreriacom is offering a laser-cut clear acrylic case.

Laser-cut Clear Acrylic Case on eBay
Laser-cut Clear Acrylic Case on eBay

Adafruit Pi Box

BRAMBLE Pi - Laser-cut Finger Jointed Wooden Case

Etsy.com seller Nhslzt is offering a finger-jointed wooden case for the Raspberry Pi for €12,00.

Laser-cut finger-jointed wooden case on Etsy.com
Laser-cut finger-jointed wooden case on Etsy.com
Laser-cut finger-jointed wooden case on Etsy.com

Custom engraved Bramble Pi case

Etsy.com seller Nhslzt also offers a Custom engraved Bramble Pi case for the Raspberry Pi for €18,00.

Virtually any motif can be engraved!
Linux's Tux.
Ventilation ports are possible on the bottom plate (ad top) but also on both long sides.
Ventilation ports are possible on the bottom plate (ad top) but also on both long sides.

BRAMBLE Pi2 - laser engraved wooden case

Bramble Pi2 - Raspberry Pi laser engraved wooden case is also on sale on Etsy.com (Nhslzt). Laser cut and engraved with a bramble motif on both top and bottom.

Both bottom and top of the case are laser engraved.
Ventilation ports are in the shape of the Raspberry Pi logo.
Laser-cut finger-jointed wooden case on Etsy.com

Raspberry Pi Board B Enclosure

solidworks prototype

A solidworks concept from http://solidworksbootcamp.com/raspberry-pi-board-b-enclosure/

Raspberry Pi air case

shape model

http://www.shapeways.com/model/434919/ and this is the video

Raspberry Pi fimo case

fimo cover

The bijoux artist Annarella gioelli has made her versione of case for raspberry pi usign fimo (a kind of polymer clay), there are a tutorial and a video tutorial

ModMyPi - Raspberry Topping Case

The red and white 'pokeball' case designed by ModMyPi

ModMyPi LTD was founded in February 2012 following the public release of the ground breaking Raspberry Pi Model B. ModMyPi LTD specialise in the manufacture of unique, professional and high-quality cases for the Raspberry Pi. ModMyPi is offering mix and match colour customisable cases for sale on their website.

Berry Box - The Lego compatible, transparent case for the Raspberry Pi

Berry Box

this is a project to make a case compatible with lego components, there's a video

RaspBerry Slice

RaspBerry Slice

this is a project of the designer Brian Garvey, there a page and a video

Raspberry Pi Cover - SK Pang electronics

Developed in-house and manufactured in the UK. A range of laser cut acrylic covers for the Raspberry Pi. Link

RaspBerry Cover
RaspBerry Cover with Breadboard Area
RaspBerry Cover with Breadboard Area

Pi-Stack Raspberry Pi enclosure

RaspBerry Cover

Developed in-house and manufactured in the UK. One of a range of compatible acrylic products designed exclusively for the Raspberry Pi. While everyone else seems determined to "cover up his beauty from the world", the Pi-Stack exposes the Raspberry Pi elegantly from all 4 sides. Unlike some of the other designs the makers claim that this also allows access to all the GPIO pins. Currently available in "Gold", "Silver" and black with 10mm acrylic base and top. Currently sold in USA, Canada and Australia as well as the UK, via Ebay.

RepRap friendly cover for Raspberry Pi

RepRap Pi Cover

The Rep-Rap we have is not very reliable and is only really able to produce basic designs so this is a 6 part case that has to be glued together. There are 6 stl files here with construction notes.

Mega Drive / Genesis Case for Raspberry Pi

Mega Drive / Genesis Case by osholt

The design was thought up by osholt on the evening after receiving his Pi. The case is strictly DIY and an Instructable for it can be found at the Instructables website. The case is well suited to Green enthusiasts as it can easily be made with only reused or reclaimed parts as well as to emulation enthusiasts and to users with limited resources and design skill (you only need to know how to use a screwdriver to make the whole thing).


Our intention is to design a case for B model and provide that model of a functional protection, which all of us we will enjoy if you help me to achieve my objectives with your cooperation.

You can support al RPIBOX project at lanzanos.com. For more information visit at oficial forum and rpibox web

RPIBOX black case
RPIBOX white case


The RaspBox, a minimalistic design.

The RaspBox is made of two acrylic glass plates and four metallic spacers. All parts are hold together by eight screws. This minimalistic design comes from the Swiss company Yoctopuce. Originally, the RaspBox was just a pet-project, but as it was very appreciated within the company staff, the decision was made to bring it to the public. The design itself has been released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License and can be downloaded from the product page. The finished product is also available from the Yoctopuce shop.

Makerbot Cases

Two cases have been successfully printed on the makerbot so far. Both are vented for heat concerns. The main difference is one allows GPIO pin access directly.

Design One

Makerbot printed case with GPIO access
Raspi gpio uncovered.jpg
Raspi gpio vent covered.jpg

Design Two

Makerbot printed case
RasPi rear.jpg
RasPi cover.jpg
RasPi vent.jpg

Tape Case

Transparent cases for raspberry can be created using the case of a cassette tape. Simply drill and cut the holes that are needed into the case using a dremel.

Second version of the Tape Case

more images of the tape case

DiscPi Case

Easy DIY case made from a CD and plastic CD protectors.

DiscPi case

More images

An 4€ RPi case

When having an RPi for 30€, buying a 15€ case is quit expensive. I decided to create this case. You just need :

  1. An 21x29.7 Art foam Cardboard
  2. Cutter
  3. Glues : sticker and gel

How to :

  1. Print the templates with the right scale
  2. Validate the sizes
  3. Glue the template on the board using the glue sticker
  4. Cut, assemble and glue using the glue gel
  5. If the RPi will stay powered for a long time. A few vent holes could be added

Final touch:

  1. Print a Raspberry Pi logo and glue it

The libreCad template files could be downloaded : File:Raspberry-pi-3mm-foamboard-case.dxf and the File:Raspberry-pi-3mm-foamboard-case-strips.dxf

The 3d views of the case, thank you Hervé C. for this nice design :









Pibow Case

Made up of colorful layers sandwiched together between clear acrylic. Well received by the folks at the RaspberryPi foundation.

LCD Monitor Mount

PI LCD Monitor Mount by PC Supplies

PI LCD Mount from PC Supplies Limited (eBay), VESA 100 x 100 Standard Mount, Requires the 4xVESA Holes on your Monitor, Maybe not compatible if your monitor uses the VESA for the Base / Stand, Not compatible if you are already wall mounting your LCD Screen, Wafer Design, Motherboard is sandwiched between 2 wafers of clear shiny acrylic! Designed for Raspberry PI, Secured using 8 x M3 Nuts, Hex Spacers & Screws to allow you to build and unbuild, 4xM4 Spacers and 4xM4 Screws for the VESA Mounting. GPIO Compatible

Wafer Case

Wafer by PC Supplies

PI Wafer Case from PC Supplies Limited, Wafer Design, Motherboard is sandwiched between 2 wafers of clear shiny acrylic!

Available from Amazon UK, Shipping throughout Europe Amazon UK

PI Box Case

Pi Box by PC Supplies

Pi Box is the new Professional Case from PC Supplies Limited, Covers all sides of the motherboard for the ultimate protection. Unique Fit-together design with custom supplied 'PI Clips' Allows Access to SD Port / USB / Ethernet / Audio / Video / HDMI and PSU , No screws! and NO elastic bands! - "A true PRO design"

Available from Amazon UK, Shipping throughout Europe Amazon UK

PI Sandwich Case

BUD PI Sandwich

BUD Industries is Proud to introduce The PI Sandwich Enclosure, designed for use with the Raspberry Pi microcomputer (not supplied) and to accommodate changes in component location on the board as well as the potential addition of components . The enclosures provide protection, flexibility and ease of access to all components with quick snap-in installation. This rectangular version is open on all four sides for direct access.

more details

I bought two of these at Jameco Electronics in Belmont, CA for $7 each. It's okay, but the board is not held tightly in place. You wand to plug in cables and the SD card before the board is snapped into place because the board will pop out otherwise, and could break the plastic pieces. The two sides of the case are identical. You have to gently rock the sides back and forth to disassemble the case without breaking anything.

Simple sandwich case

Sandwich case

Like me, most people do not have access to precision cutting tools like laser cutters. This makes it's rather difficult to do some of the intricate laser-cut case designs at home. So I decided to go with a simple sandwich case.

The case consists of:

  • Two sheets of 75x120 mm polycarbonate
  • Twelve 12 mm M5 countersunk hex screws
  • Six 25 mm round spacers

The spacers have a notch at 6 mm which holds the board in place between the sheets of polycarbonate. Sadly, my design isn't optimal since one of the spacers covers the GPIO pins.

This isn't the most beautiful case but I hope it inspires people to be creative and build their own case instead of just buying one. Building is fun!

Barch Designs Aluminum Engraved Case

CNC Machined from Billet Aluminum. Mounting Holes in Bottom. Acts as a Heat Sink. LED Fiber Optics!


  • GPIO Port Access
  • LED indicators
  • True Heatsink Design
  • Curved Sleek Look
  • Mountable to a desk or wall
  • Customizable!
  • Nearly Indestructible
  • Great Warranty

Manufacturing Website

Official Store

Raspberry-pi-case LED3.jpg Raspberry-pi-case wired1.jpg Raspberry-pi-case bottom cs.jpg Raspberry-pi-case GPIO3.jpg Raspberry-pi-case assembly4.jpg Raspberry-pi-case assembly3.jpg

Production Case

Production quality Raspberry Pi case

This is a production quality case designed to meet most RPi owners needs. There is a Kickstarter project trying to make this case available both with and without external screw terminal.

A convertible case - the Raspileon

Raspileon 1.jpg

The Raspileon can be changed from a housing for a server or home computer to a housing with access to the expansion ports. All without using tools. The Raspileon will be available in Germany at the end of August. More information and a short survey is available on this site (in German): http://plastikdrucker.de/page2/

The PiPod - a case built from a Really Useful Box

PiPod external.jpg

The PiPod case is a DIY project built from a "Really Useful Box" and cable ties. The two most important factors were a) Ability to mount a car rear-view monitor on top, b) protect the SD card by having it enclosed inside the case. More details on the Raspberry PiPod blog

PiPod internal.jpg

The PiSlab - a quick and dirty mounting plate


The PiSlab is made from a slab of 1/4" aluminum and some PCB mounting clips (Mouser P/N 561-LMTP375). More details on this site