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The Raspberry Pi Community is steadily growing, so get involved where-ever you want to and share.

See also see Schools, Universities, Clubs & Groups for links to groups focused on educational uses of the RPi.

It will be very helpful for links to be added here to any Raspberry Pi
related forums/subforums/blog pages which focus on the RPi.
The more the community can connect with one another the better it will be.


A great place to share ideas and get the latest information on the Raspberry Pi.

These forums are intended to provide practical information about Building, Developing and Sharing information about the Raspberry Pi, in addition to the more "general discussions" that go on in official forums.

A forum intended to provide Guides and Tutorials for Raspberry Pi Users, and space for users to work on more complex projects.


Russell Davis (aka forum admin ukscone) includes posts about the story of the Raspberry Pi, general RPi stuff and other non-Rpi posts too.

Paul Maunders, owner of beta board #8[1], provides details about the new board and its use.

Distributions & Development Groups

The RPi without an operating system and software to run on it. Many of the groups involved have RPi specific sections and groups working on RPi specific releases and projects.

The goal of this project is to develop the required enablers for App and Platform Developers to enjoy Qt 5 after investing $35 in a Raspberry Pi board.

See the RPi Distributions page for details about the various groups and links to places where you can get involved with building and using RPi Operating Systems.

See the RPi Programming page for details about the different programming languages and groups which are focusing on them.