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Tasks - for advanced users to collaborate on software tasks.

Datasheets - a frambozenier.org documentation project.

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Games - all kinds of computer games.

TOP Games

Quake III - See blog article, Fancy a Quake III Deathmatch?

Types of Game

HTML5 - Games to play in a web browser.

Game Projects

Try making your own games:

Making games with Pygame

Pi-finity! - a 3-D massively multi-player on-line role-playing game system currently under development that will be focused on teaching software development through problem solving in science, math, engineering, technology, economics, social systems, etc. Players will be able to create 3-D worlds, populate them with models for characters, structures, props, scenes, etc., using open-source tools (e.g., Blender) and potentially in-game 3-D modelers. The system will be open-source and very modular, allowing software developers and students to create alternative games and tools based on the fundamental 3-D data structures and inter-player coordination protocols used for the initial games.