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This page contains a set of guides to show readers how to do common or useful tasks on the system. These guides focus on system-related items such as how to install a linux option or configure an on-board device. Items listed here should achieve a goal as simply as possible, with the aim to build the confidence of the reader. For anything more complex, the item should be listed on the projects page.

The Raspberry Pi Forum has a list of Project Ideas & Links, to help people get started.

Please add links to your guides (and ones you find interesting).

Fill in each section:

  • Guide Title (as a link to the project webpage or connected wiki page)
  • Guide Description (including any additional links or information
  • Tags (key words related to the item, i.e. LCD Screen, Teaching, Python)
  • Author(s) or group who have produced it (also if it is an Open/Community Project for anyone to contribute)
  • Guide Status (Not Started/In-Progress/Available).

Absolute beginners

Suitable for absolute beginners who have never experimented with Linux before.

Guide Title and Link

Guide Description




Installing Chromium web browser

Installing the Chromium web browser on Debian.



Ready for testing


Suitable for beginners who are confident typing commands into Linux but need a lot of guidance.

Guide Title and Link

Guide Description




Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage - Basic concept: A place to save copies of all your important files


bredman - Open Project

Tested on Debian, some help needed with Fedora chapter

Connect your RPi to your MS Windows machines

The guide above is a full NAS setup - This guide/script just configures and installs a very simple setup to allow you to read/write to your RPi files


Simon Walters - Open Project

Tested on Raspbian

Python 3 on Debian

Installing the latest Python 3 and common modules on Debian.



Tested. Needs more modules adding

Installing Java

Installing Java on Raspberry Pi.



Tested on Raspbian.

Debian Auto Login/Startx

How to launch LXDE without the need of a username/Password in Debian.

LXDE, Boot, Login, Auto

Ian Hartwell (helpme1986)

Early draft.


How to install Forked-Daapd, an itunes media server

Debian, streaming,

Greg (pr1sm)

Early draft.

Setting up a static IP in Debian

How to set-up a static IP in Debian

Debian, Static IP



Text to Speech (Speech Synthesis)

Three easy methods of getting your Raspberry Pi to talk



Works fine

Installing a Web Cam

Basic installation and testing of a usb web cam on Raspberry Pi

web cam, ps eye, ffmpeg

Chris Cummings



Suitable for beginners who are willing to experiment and only need a little guidance.

Guide Title and Link

Guide Description




Classroom Boot Server

Classroom boot server - Basic concept: A PXE server to allow cheap computers without hard disks to boot into Windows or Linux.

PXE, netboot

bredman - Open Project

Lots of random text, needs organisation and testing

Installing Ruby on Rails

Installing Ruby on Rails and common modules on Debian.

Ruby, Rails


Partially tested. Still early draft.

Share your screen with VNC

Installing Vino to allow remote control of the screen from another computer.

Vino, VNC

Jaix Bly


Remote Control of a Raspberry with VNC

Installing VNC to allow remote control a X11 session (not the console) from another computer.


Simon H

Early draft.

Remote Destop Server for Raspberry

Installing XRDP to allow Remote Desktop / Terminal Server on Raspberry Pi.

rdp, xrdp

Jaix Bly


iSCSI support and boot

Adding iSCSI initiator/target support, setting up iSCSI initiator, and configuring booting from an iSCSI volume.

iSCSI, netboot

Alex (nidO)

Early draft, tested

Send email containing Pi ip address on boot

Send email containing the ip of your Pi so you can access via SSH or other network protocol when your ip changes (moving networks) and you are working headless

SSH, email, python

--Geraldcor 03:36, 18 June 2012 (UTC)

Early draft, tested

Connecting securely to TightVNC over the Internet

Guide to installing Tightvnc server on the Raspberry Pi and securing it using ssh to allow connecting over the Internet.

VNC, ssh

Stewart Watkiss


Configuring a LAMP webserver

Guide to configuring the Raspberry Pi as a LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) webserver.

apache, mysql, php

Stewart Watkiss


Storage Filer/NAS via Chef

Turn-key package to turn a machine into a storage filer / NAS. Developed and tested on a RaspberryPi. Still in early development. Deploys with Chef.

samba, nfs, chef

Eric Windisch


Raspberry Pi WiFi Hotspot

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a WiFi hotspot!

wifi, hotspot, hostapd

Isaac Smith

Works like a charm.

Raspberry Pi / Arduino Serial Communication

Raspberry Pi talking to Arduino over serial uart

arduino, serial, uart

Chris Cummings

Works perfectly!


Suitable for confident users who want to try something more advanced.

Guide Title and Link

Guide Description




building and installing OpenELEC

How to build and install OpenELEC,a embedded Multimedia Distro. You can learn (cross)compiling, building packages from source, how buildsystems are working and what is needed to install a OS on a SD-card for Raspberry Pi.

XBMC, HTPC, Multimedia, Distro, compiling

Stephan Raue


Using Skypekit

How to get started using Skypekit to make calls & chat. This is currently only useful for advanced users & developers.

Skype, Skypekit

Henry Cooke


Pre-configuring SD card with a static IP address

Guide to pre-configuring a SD image so that it boots with a static IP address. Useful for running headless without needing to know what DHCP address will be allocated.

networking, tcpip

Stewart Watkiss


Sending remote commands to our Pi thanks to Pastebin

A guide to send remote commands to our Pi just by editing a pastebin!

remote commands, notsureifuseful

Itxaka Serrano Garcia