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(This is not your private wiki)
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=This is not your private wiki=
=This is not your private wiki=
eLinux.org is not an encyclopedia and not a wiki dedicated only towards he Raspberry Pi.
Respect the rules , and prepare for a possible wiki migration !
Many communities and development boards are being documented here.
'''There has been no / very little communication with the site owners and global admins about our project  ! '''
If someone knows anything else , especially about mode of administration and original site owner/project founder , please communicate !
:Hi - my name is [[User:TimBird|Tim Bird]], and I'm one of the founders of the elinux wiki.  The administrator for the site is [[User:wmat|Bill Traynor]]. This wiki originated with the merger of two separate wikis - one devoted to hardware and run by Tim Riker, and the other devoted to embedded use of the Linux kernel, run by me.  It is sponsored by the Consumer Electronics working group of the Linux Foundation, and hosted at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL), which hosts many open source projects and resources.  I am very happy to host Raspberry Pi pages on this site.  The RPi material, covering hardware, software, community and learning resources is exactly what this site exists for.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  Also, please use one of the [[ELinuxWiki:Mailing List|Mailing list]]s for general discussion of policies, administration, etc.  Thanks [[User:Tim Bird|Tim Bird]] 17:15, 12 April 2012 (UTC)
: Wow - thank you very much for the info. This wiki is a great tool for the RPi community. Thank you for giving us space ! I'll let this stay for some days , then move this to the discussion page. And i will subscribe to the mailing list - shouldn't have neglected that. [[User:Ghans|Ghans]] 17:02, 15 April 2012 (UTC)
=Get involved =
=Get involved =

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This is not your private wiki

Respect the rules , and prepare for a possible wiki migration !

Get involved

Need help ? Look here: Help:Contents.

AND: DICUSS - Use the discussion pages !
TIP: If you leave a message on the page, use this signature : ~~~~ . After saving , it will look like this : Ghans 16:47, 18 March 2012 (UTC)

Keep basic structure

  • prefix article name with RPi (RPi_Name)
  • add [[Category:RaspberryPi]] to each of your articles and uploads
  • put this at the end of your page :

Make it safe

Make it clear to which audience the current page is aimed at , as seen here RPi Advanced Setup

Keep the beginners in mind. The news of CE marking shows that a load of boards will get into the hans of end-users . There is no way to influence this , therefore , ADAPT.

  • Do not expect torough knowledge of the subject.
  • Simple language
  • Clear intructions
  • Clean and understandable structure - much room for improvement there.

Think of others

Goes hand in hand with Tip # 3. DO NOT BREAK LINKS. See Help:Moving_a_page and Help:Deleting_a_page. When the wiki gets more and more imortant over the time , we should avoid breaking old (and older) links. If you are unsure wheter your goal cannot achieved otherwise (logical link loop) , discuss with others first.

Use templates

Use the templates - this is not a recommendation !


Do not arbitarily extend and change them. They are specificially made for a better (BASIC) overview. Use Categories instead (Tip #2).

Keep it modular

If you see big lists and code listing cropping up , create a new article for them .

Bad Example : RPi Buying Guide had all the information now moved to RPi Buying Links By Country within a single page.

Please use the preview and see what monster you have created.