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Welcome to the Real-Time Tech Zone for ELC 2013!!

This page is dedicated to preserving information and discussions about Linux Real-time from the Embedded Linux Conference. You should think of this page like a "scratchpad" to record your thoughts and discussions from the conference. Most of us take notes at an event, at a talk that interests us, or after we learn something new and useful from another attendee. Here's a place to record those notes in public, so that not only you can access them after the event, but everyone else can as well.


What discussions did people have in the tech zone?

Problems and Issues

What issues do you have with "Real Time"?

 The primary issue that I have with the real-time patch is why its still a patch and not in mainline.  We seem to be asymptotically approaching inclusion.  But as with any asymptote, you never seem to reach zero.  TG and SR and others are working to keep the patch caught up with reasonably recent kernels, but that's a lot of work that detracts from making further progress on the core issues of determinism in Linux. 

What are some possible solutions?

 The best thing would be to finally round the corner on the inclusion of the real-time patch into mainline.  I realize that there differing views on the future of Linux.  But, since the RT patch has seemingly minimal impact on mainline if it's not enabled, maybe 2013 will be the year that it finally makes mainline?  One can only hope.

What's going on in the wider community to address these issues?

 Stephen Rostedt had a good presentation on the RT patch and where it stands in his mind.  Check out his presentation from the conference.  There are many of us who use the RT patch on our systems.  But, it's unclear to many of us who don't follow the LKML daily as to what progress is being made in the kernel community.  Can anyone enlighten the rest of us?


Who at ELC is interested in "Real Time"?

  • Frank Rowand
  • Tim Bird
  • Mike Anderson

Presentation notes

What presentations at ELC, on the subject of "Real Time" did people like? Why?

Put your notes about the "Real Time" presentations from ELC here...