SparkFun: QRD1114,Optical Detector/Phototransistor

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The QRD1114 is a Optical Detector/Phototransistor that can be purchased from SparkFun. The datasheet describes it as:

This sensor uses an infrared emitted diode combined with an infrared phototransistor to detect the reflected infrared signal. Ideal for sensing black-to-white transitions or can be used to detect nearby objects (.5-1cm).

Inputs and Outputs

The QRD1114 takes a supply voltage (Vs) of 0-5 V, while outputs via serial terminal.

Connecting to the Bone

The QRD1114 connects directly to the Beaglebone via one of the Analog In pins namely ain0-ain5. Also, with the other legs of the device connected to VDD_1.8V and GND respectively.


Sample C Code