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[http://www.instructables.com/id/EEXHOBCAOEEUR4U24X/ Custom Hub Project using a TUSB2046]
[http://www.instructables.com/id/EEXHOBCAOEEUR4U24X/ Custom Hub Project using a TUSB2046]

Latest revision as of 00:37, 28 October 2011

TUSB2046B is a RoHS Compliant single chip 4-Port USB Hub from Texas Instruments

* Fully Compliant With the USB Specificationas a Full-Speed Hub: TID #30220231
* 32-Terminal LQFP Package With a 0.8-mm Terminal Pitch or QFN Package with a 0.5-mm Terminal Pitch(1)
* 3.3-V Low Power ASIC Logic
* Integrated USB Transceivers
* State Machine Implementation Requires No Firmware Programming
* One Upstream Port and Four Downstream Ports
* All Downstream Ports Support Full-Speed and Low-Speed Operations
* Two Power Source Modes
   * Self-Powered Mode
   * Bus-Powered Mode
* Power Switching and Overcurrent Reporting Is Provided Ganged or Per Port
* Supports Suspend and Resume Operations
* Supports Programmable Vendor ID and Product ID With External Serial EEPROM
* 3-State EEPROM Interface Allows EEPROM Sharing
* Push-Pull Outputs for PWRON Eliminate the Need for External Pullup Resistors
* Noise Filtering on OVRCUR Provides Immunity to Voltage Spikes
* Package Pinout Allows 2-Layer PCB
* Low EMI Emission Achieved by a 6-MHz Crystal Input
* Migrated From Proven TUSB2040 Hub
* Lower Cost Than the TUSB2040 Hub
* Enhanced System ESD Performance
* Supports 6-MHz Operation Through a Crystal Input or a 48-MHz Input Clock

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Custom Hub Project using a TUSB2046