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TUSB2046B is a RoHS Compliant single chip 4-Port USB Hub from Texas Instruments

  1. Fully Compliant With the USB Specificationas a Full-Speed Hub: TID #30220231
  2. 32-Terminal LQFP Package With a 0.8-mm Terminal Pitch or QFN Package with a 0.5-mm Terminal Pitch(1)
  3. 3.3-V Low Power ASIC Logic
  4. Integrated USB Transceivers
  5. State Machine Implementation Requires No Firmware Programming
  6. One Upstream Port and Four Downstream Ports
  7. All Downstream Ports Support Full-Speed and Low-Speed Operations
  8. Two Power Source Modes
   * Self-Powered Mode
   * Bus-Powered Mode
  1. Power Switching and Overcurrent Reporting Is Provided Ganged or Per Port
  2. Supports Suspend and Resume Operations
  3. Supports Programmable Vendor ID and Product ID With External Serial EEPROM
  4. 3-State EEPROM Interface Allows EEPROM Sharing
  5. Push-Pull Outputs for PWRON Eliminate the Need for External Pullup Resistors
  6. Noise Filtering on OVRCUR Provides Immunity to Voltage Spikes
  7. Package Pinout Allows 2-Layer PCB
  8. Low EMI Emission Achieved by a 6-MHz Crystal Input
  9. Migrated From Proven TUSB2040 Hub
  10. Lower Cost Than the TUSB2040 Hub
  11. Enhanced System ESD Performance
  12. Supports 6-MHz Operation Through a Crystal Input or a 48-MHz Input Clock

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