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Really would be great to have a place for a "wish list". For example, I agree with loosing the DVI frammer in favor of something that allow a standard small LCD (RGB 565) interface. Also, they could loose the large SD connector in favor of a microSD connector. This would free up some board space for more IO capability.

Dirk, 09 September 2008: I propose to discuss feature requests/wish lists at BeagleBoard mailing list. There are the developers of BeagleBoard. But if you like, this is a wiki everybody can edit, feel free to create a page BeagleBoardWishList (but don't forget to maintain it in the future!).

dead link to Angstrom-x11 screenshot

I placed the following comment:

Note: Koen has some BeagleBoard [ 
source and binary images] built with OE. There, Angstrom-console* images don't include an 
X server, you can still use a e.g. DVI-D screen with console, but you won't have a GUI. 
''Angstrom-x11*'' images contain an X server.<!-- DEAD LINK: resulting in something like [ this].-->

because that 2nd link went dead. Does anyone have a cache? I already tried, but I can't remember Google's cache syntax at the moment. Js7a 21:25, 27 November 2008 (UTC)

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