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I think that the section on the serial connection should just be completely removed - the RPi doesn't have an easily accessible console connection so these instructions are completely irrelevant. I'm new here though and I'm just not confident enough to actually remove it. If you agree that I'm right, please do get rid of it :-) --Rockhawk 11:31, 12 February 2012 (UTC)

  • As this is the advanced setup page there may be some call for documentation, though I agree it does seem a little pointless. I'll move the section to a separate page, and wait for others to discuss potential deletion. --Tufty 12:10 12 February, 2012 (UTC)

"Additional GPU firmware images, rename over start.elf to use them:"

Given that you're choosing from the three files, and using it as a fourth, wouldn't it be more appropriate to copy the file to start.elf, rather than rename it, so as not to lose one or another of them as you change your options over time? This would keep your options open down the road, and choosing one, and then another wouldn't result in the loss of one of the options. -rpUral