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Board Revision History

I have a board not documented here - a Model A+, made in the UK, bought in 2015, revision 0015. Given that there's also no 0014 on the list, my guess is that would be a similarly-revised model B+, but I've no clue what the revisions are. Anything I could do to help determine the changes and get it on the list I'd be game for.

0014 is a China-made Compute Module - I'll add it to the list shortly. IMHO you ought to simply add your new 0015 to the list, even if you don't know what the changes are.

Have done so; I'm fairly certain based on board markings compared to my other Pis that it's made by Embest in China, but can't be sure about the date from the numbers given.

I've added a01040, which is from what I understand a low-volume, pre-release 1.0 version of the Pi 2 which recently came to my attention - @gadgetoid

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