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thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder

Team members: Mark A. Yoder, (List all the team members here with link to their eLinux User page. Use my format.)

Grading Template

I'm using the following template to grade. Each slot is 10 points. 0 = Missing, 5=OK, 10=Wow!

00 Executive Summary
00 Installation Instructions 
00 User Instructions
00 Highlights
00 Theory of Operation
00 Work Breakdown
00 Future Work
00 Conclusions
00 Demo
00 Not Late
Comments: I'm looking forward to seeing this.

Score:  00/100

(Inline Comment)

Executive Summary

The title of our project speaks for itself. Our project is to create a NEWS Display via Adafruit Neo-pixels LED Matrix by gathering information from the news API .Our primary objectives is to setup a Display Board comprising of Adafruit Neo-pixels in areas like? the Dining-Hall where people can view the LED Display to know the latest news.

Quite Useful and Innovative project on displaying of news grabbed from famous news channels on Colorful LED Matrices. This device is to be placed in a place of high crowd so as to make people aware of what is going around in this world.

Everything planned in starting, from API to final Visualizing news, is working fine even with many innovations.

Not used wifi module which was our additional option to make our project wireless.Also, this is only prototype which can be easily made a proper product.

Proper scheduled and timely efforts of our team managed to make a project as it was decided earlier, no loop-holes were left.


Our Hardware is simply the Beagle bone, a few LED-Neopixel Matrices and a few jumper wires. So there is no requirement for special packaging instructions.

Installation Instructions

Give step by step instructions on how to install your project.

Git Repository :

  • Our project is stand alone project, no need to do anything, once it is installed.Once in starting, just start the programme on beaglebone, which is never ending and hence everytime, updated news will be displayed on the LED Matrices combination.
  • For news grabbing, python programme is made which is uploaded on github ,this program uses python-feedparser to parse the available RSS feed of any news channel or RSS content taken by any API, and then output is printing of the grabbed news headlines on console.
  • So, we need to install python-feedparser on beaglebone, so that it can be imported in the program when needed.
  • For displaying the news lines on LED matrices, we first configured the led matrices by opc servers, and then initialised the led matrix and printed required things by making programme in python.

Above mentioned opc server we got by some github directory. For further reference we have uploaded the full opc server configuration file on github.

User Instructions

No, user instructions, just sit and enjoy.


News acquisition from Z-News RSS-Feed.

Attractive and Attention Catching display.

Cascaded Design.

Scrolling messages are displayed at the set pace.

Announcements and updates can be made.

Economically cheap as we used blocks of smaller matrices than one big matrix.

Theory of Operation

Give a high level overview of the structure of your software. Are you using GStreamer? Show a diagram of the pipeline. Are you running multiple tasks? Show what they do and how they interact.

Work Breakdown

Onkar Singh: News Ticker Design and Coding, Final Wiki

Guntuku Vikas: News Ticker Design and coding, Poster Making.

Rajat Valecha: API Interfacing with beaglebone to grab news.

Future Work

Making it wireless by using Wifi module.

Text messages via GSM module.(Only authenticate users can send message, that will be displayed on the Matrix Model).

Announcement in Speech.(Using Text to Speech Converter, Speaker can be added to the project)

Developing an API for the Institute.


Quite interesting and useful project was made under course: Embedded linux. We really enjoyed it and learnt a lot new things by this project.Professor Yoder was Really very helpful at each and every point where we needed help.This project can be used in our mess which will be really beneficial to our students as many of them dont get much time to read or follow news.So, now there is no need to spend any extra time, just they need to have a look whenever they pass from mess or sitting for meal, and they can be awared of what is happening around the world.

thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder