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|  [[Media:BTWG-Discussion-Plenary2005.pdf| presentation (pdf)]], [[Media:BTWG-Discussion-Plenary2005.ppt| (ppt)]]
|  [[Media:BTWG-Discussion-Plenary2005.pdf| presentation (pdf)]], [[Media:BTWG-Discussion-Plenary2005.ppt| (ppt)]]
| align="center" | Andrew Morton, Lead kernel developerHisao Munakata, RenesasMark Orvek, [[Monta Vista]]Ruud Derwig, PhilipsModerated by Tim Bird, Sony
| align="center" | Andrew Morton, Lead kernel developer; Hisao Munakata, Renesas; Mark Orvek, [[Monta Vista]]; Ruud Derwig, Philips; Moderated by Tim Bird, Sony
|  Panel - Improving Commercial CE Involvement in Linux   
|  Panel - Improving Commercial CE Involvement in Linux   
|  not available
|  not available

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Presenters, Demo-ers, Panelists and Participants: Thanks very much for your participation in CELF's 2005 Technical Conference. I really enjoyed the conference, and hope you did as well.

/\ Presenters: Please post your technical conference presentations on this page. (See Instructions below the table)

Here is an article on LinuxDevices with images of the demo posters: http://www.linuxdevices.com/articles/AT9266731500.html


Person Session Description Presentation
Greg Ungerer, SnapGear uCLinux presentation (pdf)
Tohru Nojiri, Hitachi / Hirohisa Iijima, Lineo Solutions Linux Kernel State Tracer (LKST) technology presentation part1(pdf), presentation part2(pdf)
Todd Poynor, Monta Vista Dynamic Power Management presentation (pdf), notes
Philippe Robin, ARM Developing and Optimizing Linux on ARM Cores presentation (PDF)
Ed Plowman OpenGL ES, Open VG and Open MAX presentation (PDF)
Matt Mackall Linux-tiny and Directions for Small Systems presentation (Open Office) (pdf)
Erik Andersen uClibc presentation (pdf)
John Vugts & Jeroen Brouwer, Philips UHAPI tutorial Introduction (pdf), Tutorial (pdf)
Pieter van der Meulen, Philips Audio, Video, Graphics WG discussion (Acrobat: pdf), (Power Point: ppt), (Open Office: sxi)
Dongjun Shin, Samsung Flash Memory WG discussion (PDF)
Scott Preece, Motorola Mobile Phone Profile WG - intro and working session Plenary presentation, Technical Session Presentation, API Status presentation
Mark Orvek, Monta Vista Power Management WG discussion - suspend to flash technology, etc. not available
Manas Saksena, Time Sys Real Time WG discussion not available
Hiroo Suyama, NEC System Size WG discussion presentation (pdf)
Matsubara & Hagiwara & Hisao Munakata, Renesas Graphics APIs for Linux (including DirectFB and 3D) presentation_3D(ppt), presentation_DirectFB(ppt)
Nigel Cunningham, Cyclades Linux 2.6 Power Management presentation (Open Office), (pdf)
Emmanuel Fleury & [http://www.cs.aau.dk/~ks Kristian S�rensen], Aalborg University Umbrella Security Framework not available
Stephen Johnson, Panasonic Security WG discussion presentation (pdf)
Dennis Oliver Kropp DirectFB Media:CELF_2005_DFB_Slides.pdf
Michael Hunold Linux DVB API v4 pdf
Markku Ursin, Movial Creating GTK+ based UI's for embedded devices pdf
Manas Saksena, Time Sys 2.6 Realtime preemption patch presentation (pdf)
Seiji Munetoh, IBM & Nicholas Szeto, Sony Integrating TCG (Trusted Computing Group) technology in Linux TCGOverview PDF
Tim Bird, Sony Bootup Time WG discussion - current bootup time projects presentation (pdf), (ppt)
Andrew Morton, Lead kernel developer; Hisao Munakata, Renesas; Mark Orvek, Monta Vista; Ruud Derwig, Philips; Moderated by Tim Bird, Sony Panel - Improving Commercial CE Involvement in Linux not available


Here are the steps to follow (read them BEFORE clicking):

  • PDF format is preferred. If you can convert your presentation to PDF, please do so.
  • Please remove any messages in your presentation which say it is confidential
    • If you used a CELF template that has "CELF confidential" in the footer, please upload the presentation so we can remove the footer. Or you can remove it yourself by editing the footer on the slide "master" page.
  • Please make sure your filename does not have any spaces in it
  • Click on the AttachFile link at the bottom of the page
    • on the form, enter your presentation file name (or browse to it)
    • click on "Add link to page".
    • click on "Upload" (your file will be added as an attachment to the page)
    • click on "ShowText" to see the page again.

If you want to be extra nice, you can add the appropriate "Media:" line to your entry in the table. Do this by clicking on EditText at the bottom of the page and copying the text from the bottom of the page to your line (where it currently says "not available").

See the entry for Tim Bird (second to last in the table) for an example of the syntax required. Each table line is one long line, even though it may wrap in your browser (so remove all line feeds from your line before saving this page.) Don't worry - if you don't do this or mess something up I will come along later and fix up the table for you.



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