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Plug the Flyswatter into your computer's USB port. The Windows Found New Hardware Wizard will appear twice, once for each interface. Click Cancel both times.

In Windows Explorer or from the command line, navigate to \libusb-win32-bin-\bin and run inf-wizard.exe. Click Next from the first screen. You should see a menu with two devices, Flyswatter (Interface 1) and Flyswatter (Interface 0). Select Flyswatter (Interface 1) and click Next twice. You will be prompted to save an .inf file to your hard drive. Click Save. On the next screen, click Install Now. You may see a warning that the driver has not been digitally signed by Microsoft. Click Yes to install anyway.

Now repeat this process for Flyswatter (Interface 0). To see if the install was successful, open the Device Manager ({{{{{1}}}_PATH_DEVICEMGR}}). If the install is successful, you will see two new devices labeled Flyswatter (Interface 0) and Flyswatter (Interface 1).

You may also need to install a libusb Device Filter to use OpenOCD with the Flyswatter. Follow the instructions on the libusb Device Filter page before proceeding.