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This page is for organizing information about test dependencies, which are part of a test's Test Definition


A test dependency is an expression of a requirement or constraint for a test.

A test dependency can serve multiple purposes:

  • to filter the list of tests that apply to a target
  • to prevent a test from being associated with (or run on) a particular target or set of targets
  • to indicate that some action needs to occur before the test is run (part of test setup)
    • to indicate that some resources needs to be claimed before test start and released on test exit
    • to indicate tests or steps that must be performed before this test
  • to document what the test is related to (the services it needs, or the bug it checks for)


  • needs root permissions in order to run
  • needs a particular kconfig option configuration
  • needs a package installed on the target
  • needs a program on the target
  • needs a library in the SDK for the target (for the build phase)

Expressions in different systems


See [1]

Some Fuego dependency statements are declarative, and some are imperative.

Fuego has a test_pre_check phase, in which dependencies are checked, and in which arbitrary code can be executed to check that required pre-requisites for the test are met.

Fuego stores dependencies in the fuego_test.sh file.

Declarative dependencies can be placed anywhere in the file. Imperative dependencies (pre_check code) is placed in the function test_pre_check() in fuego_test.sh.


  • assert_has_program expect
  • assert_define "LINK_NETMASK"
  • is_on_target liblwip.so LIB_LWIP /lib:/usr/lib:/usr/local/lib
  • is_on_target_path time PROGRAM_TIME
  • is_on_sdk libjpeg.so LIBJPEG /lib:/usr/lib/:/usr/local/lib:/usr/lib/$ARCH-linux-*/:/usr/lib/$TOOLCHAIN-linux-*/


Declared as fields in a test program's tst_test structure.


  • needs_root = 1
  • needs_tmpdir = 1
  • needs_checkpoints = 1