Test Standards

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This page will be used to collect information about test standards.


Things we'd like to standardize in open source testing:

Terminology and Framework

  • test nomenclature (test glossary)
  • CI loop diagram

Test definition

  • fields
  • file format (json, xml, etc.)
  • meta-data
  • visualization control
    • ex: chart_config.json
  • instructions

Pass Criteria

    • what tests can be skipped etc.

Test dependencies

  • how to specify test dependencies
    • ex: assert_define ENV_VAR_NAME
    • ex: kernel_config

Test Execution API (E)

  • test API
  • host/target abstraction
    • kernel installation
    • file operations
    • console access
    • command execution
  • test retrieval, build, deployment
    • test execution:
      • ex: 'make test'
  • test phases

Run Artifacts

  • logs
  • data files (audio, video)
  • monitor results (power log, trace log)
  • snapshots

Results Format

Build Artifacts

  • test package format
    • meta-data for each test
    • test results
    • baseline expected results for particular tests on particular platforms
    • what tests can be skipped etc.