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This document describes testing MSIOF SPI using GPIO chipselects for SPI on the Renesas Koelsch board.

Hardware Test Environment

All testing has been done on the Renesas Koelsch development board, using three Microchip 25LC040 (or compatible) SPI EEPROMs.

If you use another AT25-compatible SPI flash, you have to update the properties in "arch/arm/boot/dts/r8a7791-koelsch-exio-a-msiof1-25lc040-x3.dtso".

Breadboard Setup


Wiring to Koelsch

Power wiring between CN26 on Koelsch and the breadboard:

  • Connect pin 5 ("GND") to GND,
  • Connect pin 7 ("D3.3V") to VCC.

Signal wiring between MSIOF1 on EXIO Connector A on Koelsch and the breadboard:

  • Connect pin 46 ("MSIOF1 SCK") to SCK,
  • Connect pin 54 ("MSIOF1 TX/MOSI") to MOSI,
  • Connect pin 56 ("MSIOF1 RX/MISO") to MISO,
  • Connect pin 48 ("GP0_23") to CS0#,
  • Connect pin 50 ("GP0_24") to CS1#,
  • Connect pin 52 ("GP0_25") to CS2#.

To ease wiring, you can use Samtec-Breakout-Adapters.