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== Overview ==
== Overview ==

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The Mag Pi magazine is written by the Raspberry Pi community for the community. The authors, layout team and editor come from teaching, IT industry and other professions. The aim of the magazine is given in detail on the Mag Pi web site.

Obtaining a copy

The magazine is available in electronic formats (pdf and flash) as well as a printed magazine. Since this is a community project, it is helpful to donate a small amount or purchase one printed copy of the magazine. Proceeds from sales and donations go towards the community and keeping the magazine online.

Instructions for authors

The Raspbian (Debian Wheezy) version of Scribus is used for the layout of the magazine. Articles can be submitted using the Raspbian/Debian version of Scribus or any other format. Articles can be submitted to the editor (editor@themagpi.com).

Design or layout contributions

The editor is on the lookout for additional design and layout assistance. Those interested in helping should contact the editor (editor@themagpi.com).

Proof reading

Each article is prepared as an issuu draft before it is finalised. The editor welcomes comments on the content, spelling or grammar during the preparation process.