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{| style="color:green; background-color:#ffffcc;" cellpadding="10" class="wikitable" width="80%"
{| style="color:green; background-color:#ffffcc;" cellpadding="10" class="wikitable" width="60%"
| [[TheMagPi]]
| [[TheMagPi]]
| Test  
| Test  

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TheMagPi Test


Since Raspbian (Debian 7/Wheezy) is used for layout, the version of Scribus with this LINUX distribution is used for all layouts. This corresponds to Scribus 1.4.1.svn. To install this version of Scribus type,

sudo apt-get install scribus

on a Raspbian installation.

Scribus Page Layout Template

MagPi Scribus Template V2 (zip) : File:2-page-template-for-wheezy-by-jaseman-V2.zip

Page margins

Outer margins

  • The paper size is A4.
  • The units are set to millimetres.
  • The outer margins are:
    • top 10mm
    • bottom 10mm
    • non-spine 10mm
    • spine 20mm


If the document is converted with a non-LINUX version of Scribus, the FreeSans font set is typically not available. This results in PDF files which contain the wrong fonts.

Title fonts

The title font should be taken from one of those present in the standard version of Scribus.

Section headings

Section headings should be FreeSans Bold 14Pt and underlined.

Body text

Normal text within the body of an article should be FreeSans Regular 12pt.

Fixed width text

Programming code or instructions that must be typed in as part of a tutorial should be Courier 10 Pitch Regular font 10pt. In some instances, (C or C++ code) Courier is too wide to prevent multiple line wraps. In these cases, Monaco 10pt can be used instead of Courier. Articles of a given type should preserve this choice from the first instance onwards.

Author and next page

The author should be quoted at the end of the article as,

Article by John Doe

The font should be FreeSans Bold Oblique 14pt.

For articles which are longer than two pages, there should be

Continued over page...

at the bottom of the even page number in FreeSans Bold Oblique 14pt.

Page numbers

The page numbers should be black FreeSans Bold Oblique 16pt.

Article title

The article title area is 180mm wide and 30mm deep.

Two column layout