Extending RaspberryPi, BeagleBoard, Arduino ... with lots of I/O's?

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Dear reader,

How to extend RaspberryPi, BeagleBoard, Arduino ... with lots of I/O's? My friend and I developed a solution. We launched a Indiegogo campaign where we offer a series of digital I/O modules: http://igg.me/at/kunio

Via an SPI bus + some I/O pins, or just up to 7 simple I/O pins, you can add a huge number of digital in- and outputs in a modular way. By using any microcontroller or Single Board Computer of your choice (RaspberryPi, BeagleBoard, Arduino,...), you can create a powerful device (PLC) that is accessible from the internet and has lots of storage and features using your own development tools.

If you are convinced of these products, please help us raising funds so we can produce our first modules and bring them to market! The next step is to add more analogue inputs and outputs to this concept, without the need for more I/O pins. I hope you enjoy this...

    13:43, 25 September 2014