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could this page be broken into say 6 separate pages?

there is far too much information to my mind.

pages might be: home, hardware features, set up, tutorials, reference information, projects

in this way it may be easier to see what information is available.

this may be better both to help further organise, and most significantly for the new guest.

01:45, 18 September 2014

My answer to the "Tutorials openCV" still applies here: The idea is to have a single "landing page" for Jetson TK1 that is full of links to various things related to Jetson TK1. If we put just 1 link on the landing page for a whole set of tutorials, my guess is that many users will not notice the link and then assume there aren't tutorials available. So I prefer to keep most things linked to directly from the single landing page.

I think that for now the large landing page is good because it shows pretty much all the Wiki content available for Jetson TK1. But as more pages & projects & tutorials & info are added, I agree that it will eventually be better if it is split up into many separate pages. But for now, I prefer to keep it as a single page with links to pretty much everything. This is the same way that many of the other boards are done on this site, such as:

  1. Official Beagle Bone Black (Beagleboard:BeagleBoneBlack)
  2. Community Beagle Bone Black (BeagleBone_Community)
  3. MinnowBoard Max Minnowboard:MinnowMax

So I think this is a good solution right now. When our Wiki does become larger, then it would be a good idea to split it to many pages, like the massive Rasbperry Pi Wiki is done (RPi_Hub), but our community & Wiki size is still much much smaller than RPi and even much smaller than Beagle Bone Black & MinnowBoard Max, so I think we should follow the method of the smaller Wiki's for now. If you want, we can organize a poll on the DevTalk forum to see if users prefer a single landing page vs separate sections, and if they mostly prefer separate pages then I'll happily re-organize it. Do you like this idea?

05:39, 18 September 2014