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My answer to the "Tutorials openCV" still applies here: The idea is to have a single "landing page" for Jetson TK1 that is full of links to various things related to Jetson TK1. If we put just 1 link on the landing page for a whole set of tutorials, my guess is that many users will not notice the link and then assume there aren't tutorials available. So I prefer to keep most things linked to directly from the single landing page.

I think that for now the large landing page is good because it shows pretty much all the Wiki content available for Jetson TK1. But as more pages & projects & tutorials & info are added, I agree that it will eventually be better if it is split up into many separate pages. But for now, I prefer to keep it as a single page with links to pretty much everything. This is the same way that many of the other boards are done on this site, such as:

  1. Official Beagle Bone Black (Beagleboard:BeagleBoneBlack)
  2. Community Beagle Bone Black (BeagleBone_Community)
  3. MinnowBoard Max Minnowboard:MinnowMax

So I think this is a good solution right now. When our Wiki does become larger, then it would be a good idea to split it to many pages, like the massive Rasbperry Pi Wiki is done (RPi_Hub), but our community & Wiki size is still much much smaller than RPi and even much smaller than Beagle Bone Black & MinnowBoard Max, so I think we should follow the method of the smaller Wiki's for now. If you want, we can organize a poll on the DevTalk forum to see if users prefer a single landing page vs separate sections, and if they mostly prefer separate pages then I'll happily re-organize it. Do you like this idea?

04:39, 18 September 2014