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Mini210S Dark colored Release 

Only at IndustrialARMWorks simply by FriendlyArm because the Solely Sanctioned FriendlyArm Representative within North and South The states

Mini210S African american Release -- 1GHz Central processing unit  1GB SLC Expensive / 512MB Ram memory And Hiburan interface  Browse 2.Zero Or Android operating system Five.4 ...... Click in charge of information.

Apart from the masterdom to become dark colored, and also declaring "ARMWorks", it possesses a great few additional features. 1st, this micro, ADC analyze cooking pot, as well as the piezo buzzer can easily all be eradicated (unsoldered : they're by ditch parts) plus a 6 flag outlet provides admission to those signs. You can see the idea while in the decrease still left listed here, from the customer switches. OEMs might sequence planks without worrying about a couple of sections and also the GPIO as well as coach bus extendable headers unpopulated. Oh yea, and 1G SLC NAND to make certain you will find free owners.

http://www.china-pbx.cn/friendlyarm/Tiny210/ http://www.voice-logger.com/arm/Tiny210/