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Tizen is an operating system based on the Linux kernel and the GNU C Library implementing the Linux API.

Entry points :

Community :

Breaking News

  • In case Tizen infra is not accessible. this place can be used as fallback to fix it back.

Curent News

We're setting up a Community Meeting at FOSDEM 2015 on Sat 2015-01-31 , please register :

    o http://www.tizenexperts.com/2015/01/developer-tizen-community-meeting-fosdem-2015/

We will provide more practical details in real time at :

* https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/FOSDEM

(or http://elinux.org/Tizen if not responding )

Where and When ?

The meeting point is starting at 19:30 at "Le P'tit Belge" restaurant (but we can met at FOSDEM main entrace at 18h55 if it is not too overcrowded, inside between the door and the books shop and leave at 19h05 by Bus 71)

* http://www.leptitbelge.be
* http://www.leptitbelge.be/contact.php MaP

Address: 7 rue de la paix (Vredestraat) 1050 Brussels Belgium

From ULB take bus 71 , stop at "Saint Boniface" station , then walk 600m to the "7 rue de la paix" .


* https://www.here.com/?map=50.835192,4.36463,18,normal&x=ep
* https://www.here.com/belgium/brussels/street-square/vredestraat-7--loc-dmVyc2lvbj0xO3RpdGxlPVZyZWRlc3RyYWF0Kzc7bGF0PTUwLjgzNTE4OTgxOTMzNTk0O2xvbj00LjM2NDYzMDIyMjMyMDU1NztzdHJlZXQ9VnJlZGVzdHJhYXQ7aG91c2U9NztjaXR5PUJydXNzZWxzO3Bvc3RhbENvZGU9MTA1MDtjb3VudHJ5PUJFTDtkaXN0cmljdD1FbHNlbmU7c3RhdGU9QnJ1c3NlbHM7Y291bnR5PUJydXNzZWxzO2NhdGVnb3J5SWQ9YnVpbGRpbmc7c291cmNlU3lzdGVtPWludGVybmFsO25sYXQ9NTAuODM1MjU4NDgzODg2NzI7bmxvbj00LjM2NDUxMDA1OTM1NjY4OTU?msg=Vredestraat%207&map=50.83519,4.36463,16,normal

Notes ?

Let me suggest to take cash with you, because I noticed that lot of belgium restaurants refuse to accept separates card payments (I suspect they want to avoid extra commissions from foreign cards ?)